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Taking a challenge

I'm 45 n I weigh almost 85 kgs , I've been on n off diets for long I VE been this way for past 10 yrs I think it's high time I took care of my health I m a 100/ vegetarian . I plan to start my 12 week challenge from tomorrow. I need everyone's support to keep me motivated . Anyone in the same catogery too pls get in touch so we can get each other motivated and stay on track

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Hi Teju-

It's never too late ;)

Best of luck with your weight loss :)

I'm not a vegetarian, but don't eat a lot of meat - I tend to struggle to get enough protein - risking loosing muscle rather than body fat. But I'm sure being a vegetarian you know your way around that :)

Good luck!

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Thank you


Good luck on your journey and look forward to your posts, I think this 12 week challenge is fab


Hi I've just started the 12 week. challenge too! Fed up with going back and forth to ww and can't afford to rely on them all my life!!

I weighed myself in boots and got a shock when it said I was nearly 13 stone and 42% fat! Good luck, we can do it!

Lisa week 1- 12.12


Thank u so much u ppl are inspiring me



I wish I could complain I have 85 kilos. I used to complain about this last year, now I complaining about 100kg :( and I'm 27 years old. I don't even know when and how it happened. I try to eat healthy and I don't exercise much, but I try to walk as much possible and planning to join some sort of exercising km group. Anyway I have some resolutions for this year (first year I actually made a list). Until now the only one that I've kept is my loosing weight plan. I want to lose 30kg by the end of the year and never worry that I will put them back, so I want to change my lifestyle forever. I've started with small steps. I gave up refined sugar and my initial goal is all month of January sugar free. I try to eat less and only home cooked by myself, I've decided to have 1-2 days a week I eat only raw food. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat meat more than once a week or maybe once at every 2 weeks and most of the time is chicken breast. My snacks most of the time are fruits so I satisfy my needs of sugar and sometimes nuts or dried fruits such as prunes or raisins. I have breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner most of days, but I should probably get 2 snacks a day and eat less for lunch. A snack consist in 1 orange or 1 banana or 2 clementines. I drink oolong tea as well, it supposed to help me lose weight. I don't feel any effect from it, but I need to drink more than 2l of liquid per day anyway and I think drinking hot tea after every meal helps the digestion. I also have a tea before eating anything else in the morning. Hot tea with lemon it supposed to help purifying your body. If I could lose 4 kg per month my goal will be achieved in 7-8 months and I would be very happy. I think is the first time I'm actually being realistic, usually if I wouldn't lose nothing in one week I will get frustrated and depressed and gave up. Ohh and one more secret I only weight and take pics of myself once a month to check my progress...can't wait for 1st of February... I know they have only been 8 days since I don't eat sugar, but I don't feel like I need sugar anymore. I think the worse days have passed and from now I'm safe. I know I wrote you a novel not just an advice, but this is what helped me this time, it is different than all the other times I've started and never actually achieved my goal.

PS: In order to control both what I eat and my budget I've started to make a weekly plan. On Saturdays I go to do groceries, but not before I establish my menu for the entire week. I hope what I wrote helps you in some way...GOOD LUCK!


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O thank u so much for sharing I'm sure u r on ur way to good health we can do it!


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