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New Year New Start


As i start the new year i realise i want to start it in a new way. I have been feeling upset and depressed about my weight ever since i can remember and with 30 on the horizon i know i have nothing to lose. I have tried so many diets and plans before and would really appreciate any help or tips so that this time i can do it. I have set myself a target loss of 2 and a half stone which would put me in the middle of a healthy BMI and that seems like such a massive task.


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My tip is preparation, preparation, preparation. I plan my meals for the following week on a friday night, and also snacks under 50 cals - bag them up or have them at hand so it is easier to grab them. Today is my scond day - I took all my snacks to work so I had a variety - I only ate a rice cake and a box of raisins and 30 bluberries, but I had loads of other options with me so didnt feel deprived once. Tonight we have had thai curry link provided - eileengoodall.hubpages.com/... with half a sachet of wholegrain rice - easy peasy and I have still got some calories left if I want them.

I would definitely say healthy eating is 100 times easier if you plan.

Also - get yourself a book to write it all down as your eat!

Hope this helps x

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Thanks so much i will get shopping and planning tomorrow. :)


I have just put a little list of snacks on another post - so you could buy some of them... just a thought! x


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