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Today is the day!

Well, it's the first Monday of the month and I am starting my weight loss journey!

Last week I lost 4lbs just from healthy eating and monitoring my calories and fat and sugar intake.

This morning I started my day with a 2 mile walk to work and some weetabix and water. I'm feeling great and fresh!

Let's hope everyday is this easy.

Another 2 mile walk home at 5 and then my exercise DVD when I get home.

How is everyone else's day going?

Beth x x x

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Well done I've startedy healthy eating today, I actually feel full some just eating healthy, glad your feeling great well done


I actually feel more full after food than I used to!

Glad you're doing well!


Well done I've startedy healthy eating today, I actually feel full some just eating healthy, glad your feeling great well done


I have started today too Diane!!! Branflakes for breakie with skimmed milk and a long walk up hills. Good start and we must keep up the momentum!!! Good luck to you too!


Sounds great!

Let's keep it up!


I have started today too, good luck to everyone, we all sound very enthusiastic, lets keep it up.


Good luck!


Hello I've just started today too! I have a starting target of 2 stone to lose. Hopefully in 12 weeks I'll be 2 stone lighter with your help. I need motivation to get off the settee though as feel slightly depressed with it all x


Hi Hkingscott,

What really drove me to do this was taking pictures of my body in shorts and a tshirt. Looking at those really upset me and I decided enough is enough and I need to change!

I've got apps called "myfitnesspal" to log all my foods so I don't go over my recommended calorie intake (mine is 1,380) and an app called "pacer" which link together. Pacer tracks my steps and you can log your exercise on there and your weight and they work great together.

Also, record your inches of your body measurements and watch them fall off by the end of the 12 week plan. I can't wait to see the results.

As I'm not fit enough for strenuous activity I find that walking and exercise DVDs help. It's challenging enough but you are in the comfort of your own home. I don't feel comfortable in a gym at the moment which is why I'm doing my exercise alone or at home.

I'll be right along side you in your journey as we have the same sort of goals so keep me updated.

Right now we have taken the best steps - which is admitting we need change so I'm proud of myself for just that alone.

Gather loads of motivational images and stick them around just to stop you from straying. I have an image that says "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" as my phone background and that adds a little drive to my day.

Don't starve yourself and make sure you stay happy throughout your journey. There is so much help and advice on here. Seeing how well everyone is doing really encourages me to be one of those people too.

A treat once every now and again could be motivation. Like once I've lost so much weight I might treat myself to a new DVD or some new makeup or something little. Once I reach a milestone of say 2 stone I might treat myself to something big like a whole new outfit.

I'm keeping track or everything and that motivates me too!

Sorry for the essay, I get excited thinking that this year will be the year I get back to how I was when I was at my happiest!

Good luck!!!! x


Thank you so much for your reply. Your absolutely right, we have got to be happy doing this as this will help. So time to stop beating ourselves up and enjoy our journey xxx

Thank you very much x


I know how you feel, I've been there, good luck for your journey, I'm sure if we stay positive we can achieve our weight loss.


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