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New Year , New Beginning

It is January 1, 2015.... New year , Day 1. I just started a new point in my life and i am so happy that i actually am doing this . It is amazing that i am doing something for my life and i have this great feeling that this year it is going to be very challenging, but also extremely amazing. I started today probably with baby steps, drinking a little bit more water than usual, cutting down smoking and also alcohol and i started with a great" fruitilicious" breakfast and so far an amazing lunch with grilled vegetables and chicken meat. ..... I am just hoping to continue getting motivated and maybe adding a little bit of exercise in my daily routine. :)))))) <3 #New-year#Feeling-great-again#<3.

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hiya .... baby steps best way to go.... build up the pace slowly... I have found in the past if you rush into it... you loose the will... and then just go back to old habits...I stopped smoking christmas day... again.. had given up for 4 months and started again in november.... but Im being positive.. This is going to be my year. B.,


Hi Sweet. WELL DONE. You have started some major life style changes. Cutting down on smoking, alcohol and weight are fantastic. Keep in touch and let me know how you getting on .

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Good luck to you, looks like your on the right track, hope you find the support and motivation on here that i do


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