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Feeling positive!

Previously it's been that traditional feeling after Christmas of wanting to do something about my weight, only to be followed by the "crash'n'burn" sometime in the very early New Year when all the good intentions dissolve into nothing.

However, this year it feels different. Joining here and reading through the 12-week plan I feel a positivity that I don't recall experiencing before.

Wish me luck, as I wish you all the positivity and strength to make this vital change.


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Good luck with the plan i love it, it has helped me alot. I hope you get the same support and motivation here that i do :-)

Keep is updated on your journey


Thank you! I most certainly will! :)


Good Luck. Were all in it together x


Hi Linda

I too have just discovered this great resource and am determined to finally get to the weight I know I am happy with. Best wishes, Deborah


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