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Starting in the new year

After trying 5:2 for one week, I have decided to stop and start again in the new year. Several reasons for this: I messed it up a little bit last week by not researching the right things to eat, and therefore felt weak and like I was starving on the fast days (ended up doing 6:1 after cheating on one of the days).

I now know exactly what I should be eating on fast days to feel full. I work in a school and know I will not be able to do the 5:2 while I'm at home over the christmas holidays. This is the last week at work and there is always a lot of cake/chocolates floating around. I'm not going to overly stuff my face or sabotage myself over the break, I'm going to stick to my 30 mins a day on the cross trainer and add some wintery walks in with my fiance too. Intending to start 5:2 properly on January 5th when I go back to work and very much looking forward to making progress with it! I love the idea of it and I know it will work. Thanks to everyone that's helped with tips and motivation in the last week. I'll be back ;-) Have a nice christmas guys x

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Hey sounds like you've got it all planned out, xmas mid way through dieting is definitely a challenge.

wish you all the best, im sure you will do great as you seem to be on the right track :-)


Thanks! I feel guilty for giving it up so soon and I guess this post was almost asking permission to quit for Christmas! I am determined to get there and I think 5:2 is the way forward for me. I just can't sit at home surrounded by food and stick to 500 calories. Especially seeing as my fiance would never do it with me!


I completely understand my other half eats what ever he wants and never gains a lb which is frustrating. He tells me that xmas day to forget for one day my diet. But I think as much as I wont worry quite as much ill still be aware of what im eating now. As well as extra exercisenthat week I think. After failing so many times before im determined this time to stay on top of my weight loss.

I think by starting in the new year you have a chance of planning it all out in advance, and chances are you will succeed because of it.

You dont need permission you've already decided on a course of action which will stop you from beating yourself up if you were to diet over xmas ans give in to the goodies, just try not to binge or you will have farther to go once you get started lol

hope it goes well. Keep us updated on here on your progresd I find it keeps me on track as I make myself accountable to the views of other people


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