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I was always skinny.i mean 'is she eating ok' type skinny.so never thought I'd be in this situation.i knew I'd put weight on but lying down in bed at night I would stroke my sucked in stomach n make believe I could still get away with spans n 'holding it in'. We'll not now. I need to lose 4 stone 4 pounds to get me me in the 'healthy' weight range. Right now I'm wondering how I'm going to start but I'm hoping that posting on here might help so I have...1)some sort of subjective support .....and 2)I know I'm more likely to succeed thus way. It started being about being able to fit in my clothes or look good for a man but actually now the grim realisation gas set in that I'm potentially damaging my health. I'm a single mum n I need to be around in 20 years time. So............here goes xxx

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I had got up to three stone overweight by August 2012 with a BMI in the overweight range and I was really fed up with not having a flat tummy, as you say.

In August 2012 I watched a BBC Horizon programme called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b... which honestly changed my life! If you're not in the UK I can give you an alternate way to watch this.

It led to the 5:2 diet which is the most sustainable way of dieting ever and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and dementia, which we all want to avoid!

Do watch the programme - I watched it again last night - and then ask me any questions you like. I lost the three stone in six months going from a UK size 16 to a size 10 and, most importantly, have kept it off since April 2013!

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I know what you mean. I was also skinny until about 1.5 years ago. I really miss it .,,

The most important is to know it is perfectly possible to be that way again. Thousands of people have proved that it is possible. All those who lost weight were once in the same position.

I have started by cleaning up my diet: removing sweets mainly. Then I went into overdrive with fruit, so I am now reducing that. Other than that my diet is now good, even if still too much. Portion reduction is my next step.



welcome to the group you will definitely find lots of support here as we are all struggling with the same issue.

you've made a positive choice to start so fair play and you're doing it for the right reasons so no reason why you shouldn't succeed.

Find what works for you some people do the 5:2 diet, or a club like weight watchers but I find calorie counting works for me. There are loads of sites and apps that can help too :-) I use the myfitnesspal app to track calories and weight progress its really easy to use.

good luck


I was always called skinny, then at 60 I found myself 2 stone over weight. I joined slimming world spent 500 pounds over 2 years and still weighed the same. 9 weeks ago I started the nhs diet counting calories, struggled at first to get my head around reading every thing I bought. After 9 weeks I have lost 13 pounds I am so pleased, even though I am not down to the weight thats right for me yet. I am so motivated and am starting to remember how I used to feel. Even when out visiting my family I take a pre prepared packed lunch. If I can get though christmas without too much damage (staying at home for this one) I should be at my ideal weight by February on my birthday. Go for it, I feel wonderful now just think how we will feel when we get there. Good luck and enjoy.


I'd tried to lose weight (a stone or two) on and off throughout my life since my late teens, but for 30 years consistently failed to keep weight off. Then something just clicked in my brain! I realised the direct link between what I ate and what it actually does for my health. It's like all those years I was thinking about denying myself things, and not eating 'naughty' food and so of course that's the one thing you want to do! The minute I started thinking, "Well, I can eat anything I want but will it help my body?" I found it was far easier. I started off with Slimming World guidelines (I didn't join as I think slimming clubs can just make you think about food all the time, although I know they work for other people) but I found the programme on the internet, and it was so easy - no weighing, and all that lovely food that you can eat freely, chicken, ham, pasta, rice! The first stone came off easily, first a couple of pounds a week, then a pound a week; I've learned to be patient - quick is NOT good! Then like Gingernut I found the 5:2, which works for me. The book makes compelling reading, and as there is cancer and Alzheimer's in my family, again the health benefits were my main reason for choosing it. I now mix and match; I eat pretty much whatever I want, roughly applying Slimming World principals, with one day a week restricted calories. Four or five nights I cook from scratch, but I keep some processed foods like pizza, breaded cod fillets or chicken Kievs in the freezer for the days I'd rather have something easier. Sometimes I'll use minced beef in my chilli, other times I'll use Quorn mince if it's on special offer. And if there's one week when I really don't want to do a fast day, I don't! I do love food and I can't tell you how it feels to eat a bar of Fruit and Nut chocolate and really enjoy it without guilt or feeling I've 'failed'. I really appreciate it, far more than if I ate one every day! I'll put on a few pounds over Christmas I know, but it doesn't scare me any more because I know I'm in control. Oh, I also listen to the Paul McKenna hypnosis CD a couple of times a week, I know it may sound far-fetched, but it seems to help me. Like I say, I do a little bit of everything.

The important thing is to find what really fits into YOUR lifestyle; I live on my own now, so can please myself (my hubby wouldn't have been too pleased if I'd decided just to dish up a huge plate of steamed veggies and rice one night), or if I fancy pizza, I'll HAVE pizza but put loads of salad or veg with it too. With a small child it could be trickier to work round their likes/dislikes, but it's not just YOUR health; the way you eat now is the way your child will learn to eat and you want him/her to be as healthy as they can possibly be, and have a good relationship with their bodies and their nutrition for the rest of their lives, don't you?!

I've lost a couple of friends recently to cancer and I just know they'd be cheering me on, knowing I've not wasted any more time THINKING about doing things, but am just getting on with feeling as amazing as I can for as long as I've got. Good luck finding your path to health.


(Sorry I've rambled on a bit but once I started I got carried away...)


Good advice victoria plum , its all a question of balance and you have made your eating patterns part of normal life. Ive tried to do the same , not deny myself any food I really wanted, just a lesser amount and less often. Ive lost slowly, 22lbs in 7 months but am now only 5lbs from my ideal weight and a bmi of 23. Good luck and thanks for giving people sensible realistic advice.


good luck, im starting 5 jan, need to lose 8 stones,


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