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Hi all still stuck

Hi ot been on for a while tried before did not work for me ...I am seeing well being have done since May this year found it hard to lose the extra pounds in saying that I was just over 13 stone and have got to 12st 2lb and sad to say I have lost interest now been suffering depression as well as health issues ...sad to say but I think I have wasted my time and other peoples time ....but GOOD LUCK to you all on your journey x

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You are not stuck, a thought in your mind doesn't want you to grow, you are far more incredible than the conditioned mind from the past is leading you to believe.

You are also considerably more than just a number on a scale, throw them away, look in the mirror and learn to love that body, that you no matter what size you are, sure you might want to reduce some excess fat from the body, but that does not define you, numbers do not define you.

Do not give up, do not let the past control your today. When the mind wanders to the negative places, look around you in this moment, wake up your mind to what is happening now, touch things and make commments about them and bring yourself back to now, you'll find that you'll feel different when you do it, keep doing it. Down load the Headspace app, its 10 minutes of daily mediation which helps you stay ahead of your thoughts.

When we get depressed, part of our thoughts are holding on to the past, anxiety is jumping to the future, you can do this my friend.... keep going, without judging yourself, just do your best each day and enjoy life.


You are not wasting anyone's time! We are all on here for you. I don't know what else to say, but the other reply is good, so take that advice and hang on in there! xxx


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