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starting out on weight loss

Hi everyone I weighed myself today and was so surprised to find that I weigh 12.11 I have never had a problem with weight until I hit the menopause. I am 5ft .4.5 and If I carry on putting on weight I am going to be huge. So this is the first day to me gaining back my life. Would any one be willing to help me with encouragement and reply to my posts.

Thanks everyone

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Hi we are the same age my birthday Friday. I'm 5" 5 and am 12/ 5 I struggle to loss weight been on steroids . I'm going to think positive and loss a stone before may holidays . We will try to support each other

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I will weigh myself on Monday and then take it from there, I would love to get to 10 stone 3 by end March 2015. Yes I would like your support please


At menopause, the way your body stores fat changes. You have to be realistic, but of course you can still do it. Walking is one of the best way to have a great body and mind. Walking is also a good start for your cardio exercise.


Thank you for your support. I will weigh myself on Monday and then I would be really grateful of your support.

Hope you have a successful week


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