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Finally commiting to something

I have tried again and again to be healthy, eat healthy, exercise. But never lasted very long. But now I am on the 30 day shred challenge and managed to commit, and am now on day 11, (yeah you see how poorly my previous attempts have gone). Although most days I get home and I don't want to do it, I force myself because I want to be able to write on the calendar, DAY 11 in big green writing. Having something to aim towards and achieve is definitely key. And to have someone chasing you up and keep u going is great and jillian is such a motivator. I haven't pushed myself to go mega healthy on the eating, I figure one goal at a time. If anyone else is struggling to commit to anything, u should try jillian Michaels video, they have defiantly helped me out and I can finally imagine me actually reaching my goal, as long as I stick to the videos.

( and it's free, you can find the videos on YouTube and just stream them to your tv)

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That sounds great- I've never heard of this challenge but I did lose over a stone in weight on the NHS 12 week plan, which is also free and really easy to follow. Good luck.


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