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I am going to be brave and start a topic

Hi all well I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am as it says in the title going to start a thread after having a miscarriage last year I am a little bit nervous about starting a thread before my first scan but I got my first scan date for the 5th of September so i thought i would start one even though I have my scan appoitment i still have not seen or even heard from the midwifeso god knows when they are going to be in touch hopefully it won't be to much longer I wish these next 3 weeks would hurry up as these 12 weeks are taking forever although I have been feeling sick I have not been sick the only other symptom I have is sore boobs so I am lucky in that sense although I like the idea of being sick as it shows how healthy your pregnancy is

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it all goes well.

This is a weight loss site, did you mean to post on here?


I feel your pain. Try not to worry, hard I know. I a lost a baby 30 years ago and still think about it. My next pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby boy, who has a little girl of his own now.

Congratulations on this pregnancy and I will x everything for a safe delivery for you.....


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