Some People grrrr

I feel like ive got so much weight to lose, that ill never lose it. Im sick of feeling uncomfortable in my skin and having people looking at me when im out and about. I hate that people judge you because of the way that you look. Ive even had one person say to me ‘you can tell someone’s intelligence by their size’ - implying that I must be thick because im over weight. I don’t know how I didn’t punch him in the face. My reply was ‘well you’ve just shown yours by making that ridiculous comment’. This happened a few years ago and it still sticks in my mind. If he thinks this, then im sure there are many other people who think the same!! There are plenty skinny people out there who haven’t got 2 brain cells to rub together, so I don’t know how they come up with these theories.


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7 Replies

  • Woah there Devon port calm down.. hun you should be doing this for you not for anyone else. . Further to the point dont let one twat make you feel as though you have no self worth.. One person out of the millions of people who probably arent all the same shouldnt make you feel like this.. Move on.. were all different no ones the same. . If we were it would probably be a boring place.. I know how you feel with the weight ive has enuff and now im doing the nhs "12 week weight loss plan" google it.. If it isnt for you try halfing your portion size.. pfft ive deffo had some evil people make comments about myself but I refuse to make them low lifes bring me down.. they are 9 times outta 10 battling with there own demons and probably say these things to make them feel better.. I hope you find peace in the fact not everyone judges on a persons weight.. im new here also im battling to loose the weight as I have no control over my portion size and I binge but two days on from having that plan I feel so determined to drop the excess pounds :D theres loads of kind people on this site some who are battling some who have remained dedicated to dropping the pounds and there all lovely people.. Good Luck Devonport ;)

  • Hi your story really hit a cord I feel exactly the same I'm 19.7 stone and I can't seem to find a end I've had bad health issue so why can't i do it ? Perhaps we should do 1 stone at a time and not look at the big picture

  • Just worry about your self, this life is full A holes, if you take notice of them you will sink to their level and may be even put on weight.

    I also have a mountain to lose, also health problems that don't help. But at last I have lost a few pounds and I feel great about it, I still have the mountain but I've made it to the foot hills. If you want to lose weight then do it for you not because of someones comment. As Chubbymommy said there are some really great People on this site who really try to help, but I'm afraid at the end of the day it must come from within, so strap in stamp on the gas and do it for you. As some clever person once said the longest journey starts with a small step, or something like that.

    Good luck come back and tell everyone you do it all helps others.

  • im in the same boat as everyone on ere i get nasty remarks about my weight as im 5ft tall and i cnt get clothes in shops big enoughim having to buy size 22tops and 18/20 trousers its really embarrassing with me been small in height too iv also got under active thriod that dnt help im diabetic and suffer badly from acid just try to loose 2lbs a week if u manage more thats a bonus but take no notice of what people say they think there feeling good when they say but deep down you know different it does gert to you were all human just do your best thats all we need to do to acheive what were wanting to loose

  • Yep. As a society we no longer regard racism as being ok, but some people think it's ok to be judgemental or rude about anyone who is overweight. There are even TV programs that have this attitude. The overweight are constantly blamed for being overweight, with no regard for the state of the food industry and its unhealthy addictive products.

    You have to rise above it, as others have said. Get stuck into the healthy eating, watch out for the hidden sugar, try to avoid the ready made foods. Good luck.

  • So sorry you have had such a horrible experience Devonport. I remember saying to a bald person once that at least I could lose weight and they were horrified that I was commenting on their lack of hair but my weight was fair game. This person said they were just trying to help me which just shows how little they know. You will lose weight if you keep persevering. Even if you only manage a stone or so you will feel so much better. Try the NHS site or my fitness friend and get your walking shoes on. I find a walk makes me feel better as well as helping me to tone up. Good luck and do it for you, don't 'let the idiots get you down.

  • Hi Devonport the replies you have had on this site show what lovely people there are out there to support you which makes up for some mindless idiot. Putting on weight is the easiest thing in the world and trying to lose it one of the hardest - but the NHS 12 week programme and this site has shown

    me it is possible - I have lost 15 lbs now, very slowly - but it has taught me a lot about myself. I still have plenty to lose but I have learned that anything is possible one step or one target at a time. Be much kinder to yourself - love yourself as you are - and as everybody says - do this for yourself and you will feel fabulous and then be able to help others at the start of their very hard journey. By the way I love keepitups comment about the bald man - laughed out loud!! Good luck Devonport and keep posting and venting on here! You will do it!!!

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