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Don't give up

I started my fitness and weight reduction plan on the 08.08.2014. I started at 12s 13.50 and I am now I am 11s 12.00. My target is 11s 00.00. So far it has been a hard slog and required a lot of persistence and motivation. To achieve my goal I have given up alcohol and conspicuously tried to avoid all processed sugar. I have had change my eating habits including reducing my meal portions. In my opinion, attention to diet is very important, even more than exercise, although exercise is still most important for cardio-vascular fitness. However, I believe the most important factor is your psychological mindset. You have to convince yourself you can do it then stick to it.

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Well done razal- you have done really well so far. I agree that although exercise is good- changing bad eating habits is even better. I have lost over a stone in 12 weeks by reducing portions and eating less processed food too, although I can't give up on the alcohol! I also agree that having a positive state of mind is the most important thing of all. Keep at it an you will get there.


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