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Here we go...yet again!

This is my first time ever joining any type of online community, and hence, my first post as well...

I've always been a chubby one...and my earliest memories of being self conscious about my weight go back to when I was 12 maybe...am 34 now, newly wed, and till this day I still have low self esteem and confidence when it comes to my self image...tried to lose weight over the years, but I always fell back into old habits...which can be summed up in having a passion for cards and chocolates...they literally comfort my soul!

My latest weight loss efforts came through signing up for healthy meals that came in packages to your doorstep...it also cost me quite a chunk...over 4 months I lost 12 kilos...my biggest weight loss ever...after the wedding, and within 2 months, I put back 6 kilos...needless to say, I feel totally beaten up and defeated.

However, I hope the NHS program will help me get back on track...any advice for beginners such as myself?


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Not sure what but you need to find a long term plan you can stick to, for life a new way of eating.


Will try to think of it that way...thanks :)


we have a weigh in here on monday the thread is started by lowcal in the morning so weigh in every week (it helps prevent denyal)

start counting your calories my fitness pal is a good way to start. try and cut down on your caloires e.g. skim your milk or low fat your youghurt I use low fat greek with tomato puree instead of mayonaise.

try and excersise more, even a walk is good as long as its brisk, easier said than done but I am a gym bunny now hate the machines but love classes.


Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your advice and encouragement :) well I'm trying to use all related apps offered by the NHS program, am having a good first day so far...and should be taking my first walk as well...am new in town and still trying to adjust to English weather...plus am trying to figure out where I can have a safe walk or run...


It is so disheartening when you put weight back on, I myself struggle with this. However you have to use it as fuel, don't let it of happened in vain. Use the anger and disappointment in yourself to push yourself further. Don't let your weight keep you down any longer, you can do this! Its all about keeping your eyes on the prize. Being healthy, confident, and living your life how you want too! Let everyone see how strong you really are.


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