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Hi all,

Recently I've lost my dieting mojo, and my eating habits are getting sloppy again. So I thought it would help to post my motivations here, to remind myself why I'm doing this. I have them pinned up in the kitchen too. Maybe you'll want to share yours:

I want to lose weight to..

.. keep up with the nephews and nieces

.. be able to wear lovely clothes (and not be restricted to the plus sizes when buying clothes)

..pass NHS health checks with flying colours

..avoid diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with being overweight

..be able to do technical mountain climbing again

..have a happier relationship with my body

..be quicker at running

..look great in a bikini

..live to a ripe old age

..be a good role model to those I love.


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My Reasons are similar to that of yours...include...Wear Nice Clothes, be able to participate in team outings and other activities and of course the biggest, have good health. Wish you best of luck..x


Thanks! Good luck to you too.x


Reduce cholesterol.


Yes I'd forgotten that one - it's a really good motivation. I've not had my cholesterol tested..yet.


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