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Yo-Yo Dieter

I'm 55 years old and I need to lose weight. I have tried every diet in the book and have been a yo-yo dieting for years. I was doing really well in 2011/2012 until my Mum became really sick and subsequently died in 2013 and as food is my comfort blanket I got back to snacking/poor food choices. Slowly but surely my weight is creeping back up and I need to get it in check now, once and for all.

I do exercise, I have two dogs who I walk separately twice a day (so 4 walks a day) each and every day come rain, shine, hail or snow to get extra steps and average around 20,000 steps a day (I have a Fitbit which keeps me motivated steps wise). I alos do pilates once a week and Zumba once a week as well, so exercise is not my issue, its the comfort eating and making bad food choices that I need to sort.

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Well, you are in the right place! The 12 week weight loss plan is nothing like a normal diet where you starve and have unrealistic goals. It will help you to focus your mind. With that and myfitnesspal to help you count the calories plus the support you get on here...you will be able to break that bad habit and lose the weight. All the best for you on this journey.


Thanks for your support, it is appreciated. I look forward to losing weight and finally keeping it off with this plan!


Yep - get going on the 12 week plan. The key is to plan your meals & calorie intake. It is not a diet but a way of life to get in to. Plan your meals, use smaller plates & don't get too hungry.

Good luck!


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