I have recently lost 6 stone and need to loose another half a stone but no matter what I do, it WON'T shift.. Any ideas/help?

From May 2013 till now, 6 stone is what I've lost and fit comfortably in size 12-14 clothes, but still feel like I'm in a size 18-20 like I was last year, I don't feel different and because of my BMI saying I need to loose another half a stone, feels like I'm a failure if I don't do it !! Any help or advice is more than welcome thank you

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  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. You should be really delighted with yourself. Don't beat yourself up about another half stone. Be happy with yourself, we all plateau, it may take sometime, but if you get stressed over it, it could take longer. Enjoy your fantastic achievement. Well done. Take stock of where you are and then change something, change something in your food and maybe add in some extra exercise, you are clearly capable of doing it. Superb!!!

  • HI

    What a brilliant achievment, you should be so proud and happy you must look really good even though you don't feel it yet. Keep off the scales for a couple of weeks and just get used to putting into practice what you've learned regarding your new healthy lifestyle. Then if you feel you want to lose a bit more go for it again. I personally look and feel best at the higher end of my healthy weight range thats what I'm aiming for now!!


  • Wow, that is amazing and what I ultimately need to aim for. If you've achieved losing 6 stone then 7lbs is so much more achievable. Just feel so proud of yourself and so what if it takes another few weeks. I bow down to you (and stop beating up on yourself!!!)

  • Well done, thats a phenominal loss.

    I have been told several times that BMI is a general guide but it is certainly not a one size fits all thing. To be in a size 12-14 is a pretty good indicater that you have suceeded in your weight loss.

    My own doctor has given me a target weight that is half a stone into the overweight range. If BMI's were important he would have set my goal within the healthy range.

    So please don't get hung up about what is essentially just numbers! If you look good and feel good ignore the numbers and start planning strategies on how not to fall back into old eating habits and to maintain your fantastic weightloss. Concentrate on your new healthy lifestyle. You have done really really well. xx

  • Likewise. Give yourself a pat on the back and relax. You've reduced your risks of ill health by a huge margin and the next half stone is a lot less important.

    I expect you don't really want to hear this as there's no weight loss advice..

    You've done very well. Your body may well be giving itself a break. Without going back to the treats that led to the BMI you didn't want, give yourself a break too. You might find by relaxing it will go off again. Stress causes many things.

  • Amazing - and in such a relatively short time! Congratulations. You've done so much already, you're bound to find the last little bit harder. Maybe your old exercise regime isn't using up as much energy as it once did, since you're working a smaller body? Perhaps a change of activities might do it? Best of luck.

  • Thank you to everyone's messages it's really cheered me up!

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