Please Join Me for a Monday Weigh-in (30th June 2014)

Lowcal is on holiday for the next 4weeks, so let's not lose focus! My goal this week was to stay under 11st I am 11st exactly this morning. A hellish week with socialising every night bar one ( I had to refuse a wine tasting to get that night off!) Refocusing this week and would like to lose 2lbs I have already started exercising and done a spin and abs class this morning, I hope everyone has a good week


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38 Replies

  • Hi

    I only joined yesterday but would like to join weekly weigh in.

    What info do i need to give? do you just need to know how much i loose each week?

    You have done really well!

  • Entirely up to you, some people post their loss(or gain) in lbs others give their weight for this week and last week. I am a big advocate of a regular weekly weigh in, for me if I don't it leads to denial, and ultimately weight gain, besides I have thrown all my fat clothes away and I don't want to replace my size 10 jeans :)

  • Gosh that must have been very satisfying to throw away all your fat clothes - whoooeee - I have that to look forward to as I am inching my weigh down - anyway well done for staying on course

  • Thanks. I have loads of 'thin' clothes I kept from when I lost weight last time - can't wait till I can throw my Fat clothes away! I think I will enjoy that - Something to look forward to. I don't have any size 10's though (size 16 is thin to me) speak soon :)

  • Jules this time make a clean break, if I put on a few pounds before I always had something I could revert to!

  • Morning Prin. Well done for staying the same - sounds like it was a week with 'tests' in it so you have done really well. As for the spin and abs class already done this morning - very impressive.

    I've lost 3lbs since last Monday - would hope to see relatively large numbers at the moment as have put a lot of weight back on, so it is there to lose and I slipped back into my old habits.

    Hope you all have a good week.

  • Well done great loss, Bispers keep going! glad to have you back on the weight loss wagon, we all slip off from time to time......

  • Only joined today. I currently weigh 10st 10lb. I would like to lose 2lb's this week. Joined the gym, going longer walks more often and have just downloaded the nhs 12 week weight loss guide.

  • Welcome aboard, you have made great changes hoping you have a good first week. Does your gym have classes too? I found body pump great for toning

  • yes it's one of the classes ive been looking in to. Doing my weight loss with my mum and she said she loved body pump so think we will be joining

  • Greetings - hmm navigating around this site is a bloomin' nightmare. When I first got on this morning there was a post from the Editor about week 3 weigh-in. But when I try to find it again then I get week 3 weigh-ins for 5,6,7 months ago - very useful!

    On Good Friday stopped smoking after 55 years and immmediatley piled on the pounds in style! I am 71 - so on 17th June 2014 I weighed in at 19st 2lbs and now this morning clocked in at 18st 8lbs. I have 4 targets set up in Excel the first being to move from OBESE to OVERWEIGHT (17st 1lb) - and am 27.6% of my way there. My Ultimate target is 192lbs (13st 10lbs) which will be a modern day miracle if I get there. I weigh myself every day - a real sucker for punishment - but it is a good incentive and enables me to put in an extra 'fast-day' if I need it.

    I am following (loosely) the 5:2 diet, plus common-sense, approximately 2-3 miles per day dogwalking, except when working or on grand-daughter chemo duty ( 2/3 days a week). My dogs always stretch when they wake up - so good plan - and I do the same and slowly getting less inflexible.

    Calorie counting is not my thing - it seems to me that common sense is the key. Stay away from biscuits, bread, buns, cakes, chocolate, fizzy drinks,alcohol,ice creams ( yummy) and eat modestly - in other words back to the old days when vegetables played a much bigger part in my diet - we grew all we needed but now depend upon the supermarket. So last night had fried egg (using 1cal olive oil spray) on 'holy' ( ie homegrown in a tub) spinach - yummy end to a 'fast day'. Today - a work day - is also a 'fast day' so looking forward to a free day on Tuesday. If I had to consdier calories then on 'fast-days' it is +/-500 and on 'free-days' it is 2,000 - I know 2,500 is the bench-mark but 2,000 works well for me as my target area. Allows more room for excess days.

    Good luck all and keep going

    Andrew and my 3 rescues- Lalya, Lola & Little Hugo

  • That's a great start I weigh in here on Mondays but am a bit obsessive and weigh at least once most days. Small goals are a great way of keeping focused have a good week

  • Hi joined last monday and I weighed in at 11st 8lb. This week I weigh in at 11st 5lb with a weight lost of 3lb. Ever so pleased with myself really hope I csn keep it up!

  • Well done kars1111 - that's a good start, this was my 1st week too, and have managed to lose 2 lbs. As I have a lot of weight to lose, thought the 12 weeks would be good for getting into the habit of calorie counting. You obviously did well this week, how much are you hoping to lose over the 12 weeks?

  • Hi bubblegum21 well done on your 2lb loss am also watching calories actually found it hard to reach 1400 calories some days. Am hoping to lose 2-3 stone. Good luck for the next 11 weeks x

  • Thanks kars - here's hoping we all do well this coming week, like Burntsun I am short not quite 4ft 11ins - so every pound extra shows up. I think Prin's idea of small goals are a good idea, so I am aiming to give myself a smart hairdo once I have got the first 7 lbs off - so I am going to put a £1 away for every alb I lose to help pay for it. So that will help to motivate me.

  • Hello. Thought I'd join your chat as we seem to be the same same(ish). I'm 4ft 9in. and blame this lack of height for all my problems. Just started this today and found logging on and reading comments helpful if for no other reason I don't eat at the lap top. How about a mini-me group? At 14 st 7lb I've got stones to lose to get to 'ideal' 7st so aiming for 10lb in July that I thought was do able. Only good thing is when I lose it shows quickly.

  • Hi DulcieLorna -made me smile when saw mini group - seems there are more of us tiddlers about than I thought. That's ambitious - 10 lbs in July so wish you well. Just so long as I lose something each week, I'll be happy. Nice to have others aiming for the same goals.

  • Thought I may get a bigger loss week 1 then settle to 2 a week!? Finish steroids tomorrow so hope hunger pangs will get less.

  • DulcieLorna - Once the steroids get out of your system, it will be easier to lose the weight, but it takes awhile, so keep plugging away & don't get too disappointed you'll get there.


    Have a look at this old post of mine from last year, I still can't let it go :)and realised that they round inches down so I am5ft 6 and half an inch! You are all small but beautiful

  • Hey Prin = most of my pals are your height, so no problems there. Your advice on breaking down goals gave me such inspiration so motivating-thanks for that.

  • Im only 5ft 2 so im a midget too :) have to say that this forum im finding is interesting and motivating am loving it. Lookibg forward ti check in every week just to see how we all do good luck everyone

  • Well done a great loss for this week and a great motivator for the week ahead

  • Hello

    I've neither lost nor gained since last Monday. Still 72.8 kg, or approx 11 st 5 lbs.

  • No gain is good, we all plateau from time to time keep going!

  • Good morning all,

    I am a bit gutted this week. I had hoped to get the needle just below the 11st marker for this weigh-in but it is still about half a pound over. That's what happened last week as well. I haven't binged and I've done my usual three sessions at the gym and walked on other days. I feel really dejected.

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling blue - it is frustrating not to see the scales move when you've done all the right things. Remember that you haven't gained, this in itself is a great achievement! You've taken steps to a healthier lifestyle and this is really important.

    Plateaus happen for loads of reasons, look on the old threads and you'll see that most of us have them (mine first one was about weeks 6-8). So take heart that you're not alone. My suggestion would be to keep track of your measurements (waist, hips etc), as sometimes you'll see loss there rather than on the scales. Good luck this week!

  • Autumn worry not it will move! Sometimes I stayed the same for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden I would see a result burntsun is right get the tape measure out or try on that top or pair of trousers that were a bit tight ......

  • Hi all - well done with everyone's efforts: maintaining, losing, working hard.

    Last week I was 9 stone 12, today I am 9 stone 11. I'm pleased but I need to keep focus. Now I've been within the healthy BMI range for about a month I've begun to get lax about food choices and portion control. I'm short (5'3'') and even a little excess food can easily make a difference. My intentions this week are to a) write down (again!) all my motivations for losing weight b) plan my meals so that I've got the ingredients I need.

    Have lovely weeks everyone!

  • Hello again,

    I seem to be having trouble with this site this morning. I've posted a couple of replies but they are not showing. Hope this one does the trick. Thanks for the encouragement burnt sun, I didn't even think of using the tape measure to see if I'd lost any inches. That might cheer me up a little bit. Gum day today so. intend to work extra hard!

  • Sorry! I meant gym day not gum day.

  • Hello all :) hope everyone's having a good day so far. I've lost 1 pound finally taking me under 11 stone to 10 stone 13. I could have probably lost more had I not got a bit carried away with the old biscuit tin. That's me just starting week 6 and I've lost 10 pounds so far so about 2 pounds a week, quite happy with that! Just need to stay focused now. Hope everyone has a great week. Sophie x

  • Well done Sophie the biscuit tin is responsible for many a sin on here! I enjoy a caramel rice cake with my cuppa these days I get them from home bargains 69p for about 15 - 40 cal each

  • lost 1lb, but had busy social life over the weekend, so am counting that as a victory! Starting week 5 of the NHS plan, have lost 9lbs in total, which I'm pleased with.

  • that is a good result, its just about keeping your eye on the ball, socials are a big problem of mine too, and its not about saying no from my point of view but balancing it out - either with another day or extra exersise.

  • Hi Prin

    I've stayed the same this week in fact I weigh exactly the same as I did at the start of June!!

    Going to dust off my 12 week plan write everything down ( I prefer this way as I can see what I am having and plan a few days in advance) and get focused. Incentive - holidays 10 weeks away.

  • At least you don't weigh anymore! Is there any more exercise you can squeeze in? I am lucky enough to be able to walk to work and then the exercise serves a purpose too :) keep going and have a good week

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