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I need support. I'm going to be starting my diet in two weeks. Iv hated what my body has become over the last 5 years. Everytime I look in the mirror I feel so sad like its not even me anymore. Iv gained 10kgs and I want that 10kgs gone now. I don't feel sexy, I have to keep buying bigger clothes. And now iv decied that's it. I want to look and feel good again. But I need suport.

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Hi there! I absolutely understand your pain, having put on almost 2 stone in a year. 2 months ago I fit in nothing in my wardrobe and yet I hated going shopping, not fitting in anything nice and refusing to pick up larger sizes. In fact, one time I really needed a pair of jeans and I found a nice pair in H&M in what I thought was a large size. When I couldn't get them over my knees, I just stormed out, refusing to buy anything bigger.

After sticking to a low calorie diet and following the couch to 5k plan along with weight training, I've lost over a stone and am feeling much better though I know there is still some way to go to reach my target.

It's great you want to do something about it but can I ask why you are not starting for another 2 weeks?

Good luck and all the best - you will definitely find support here.



Thank you for the support :) knowing I'm not alone in this battle makes me feel good about starting. Well itl be month end I'll have money to buy all the groceries and gear I need to start. As my house has nothing but unhealthy food. I want to wipe everything out and stock all the goodness I need to eat. I live in south africa, healthy living is expenise . But I'm excited to start. In my head I keep saying its going to be worth it


I see - I spent a month in Port Elizabeth a few years ago and I do remember the food being quite expensive but I didn't know if that was due to the drought they had been having.

It will be worth it - I find little non food treats help with motivation too.


You can do it, just take one day at a time and be nice to yourself :)


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