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Am I still able to lose some weight through diet alone?


Hi, I have recently slipped a disk on my spine which results in no gym and no running. Is it possible to lose weight through diet alone? If so, does anyone have any suggestions on the way I can go about it. I haven't been to the gym for a few weeks and have gained a pound. I just need to lose this last two and a half stone! Thanks in advance

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Hi Chris_tina431,

Probably, but upping your exercise / activity levels helps the process of weight loss

Oh and for sure you can't go running or do your usual gym routine, but perhaps you could keep up some exercise? That is exercise that wasn't a problem for your back?

I was surprised many years ago in the days of the old Bullworker device to find that they were very popular with disabled people, especially wheelchair bound ex-servicemen.

No reason why they shouldn't be - but I had just not expected it.

Perhaps you could think of exercise / activity you can do in your current situation that would be safe and appropriate.

It's more than possible, diet, controlling what you eat is the way to lose weight. The majority of energy expended by the body is through BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), things like maintaining body temperature requires a massive amount. You've got to be doing a serious amount of Cardio exercise to come anywhere near to these expenditures.

If you are used to exercising regularly and you are currently unable to, then you could try cutting back your carbohydrate intake whilst sedatory as you won't need as much "on tap" energy.

I lost my first 10 stone without doing an ounce of anything that could described as exercise because I could not. So don't be disheartened, get your food right and you will lose as much weight as the next person.

Best Wishes

Thank you, this helps a lot. I have also lost 10 stone through diet and exercise and just want to lose this last two and a half stone now. I just need to get through this blip and rest until I can start my exercise again. Less carbs from now on! You are a star!

The thing is that you could be at a Plateau which may be or may not be related to the sudden lack of exercise, psychologically though it's very easy to chalk it up to not being able to exercise. I plateaued for almost 3 months at one point on my weight loss journey, I remember it being a very frustrating time and it took several re-jigs of my food intake to move beyond it.

I'm always reiterating the fact that you don't need to exercise to lose weight because anyone trying to lose weight does not need anymore excuses to not do so, as we all know. However it's very important to note that Gaining Weights is very very different beast to Losing Weight and often when people suddenly remove a regular exercise regime from their life without making changes to the types and amounts of food they eat, then they often will gain.

I don't envy you because those "Last" 2 stone may well be hard to shift given your current situation but stay strong, don't fold and if at first your initial changes don't work then have a rethink and try something else. You'll get there is the end I am sure. :)


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ConcernedAmbassador in reply to loislane81

What animal does hydrolyzed collagen protein come from? How does nature hydrolyse the collagen?

Penel in reply to Concerned

It's cooked up, or chemically treated, animal by-products, like bones, connective tissue and hide. Probably better to make your own chicken soup.

Penel in reply to loislane81

Sounds like an advert!

I really admire your success at losing so much weight so far. In my opinion it is more than possible to continue to lose just through careful eating; exercise is good for health and wellbeing but its actually food that gives or doesn't give the calories that add fat. Other posters on this site often suggest changing your regular diet a bit to 'surprise' your body if you're stuck. Apparently it can restart weight loss? It may be worth trying while you're unable to exercise.

Thank you, I definitely need to do something to kick start the weight loss again. It just seems to have come to a stand still... I just want to get to the point where I can be in the 'normal category on the Nhs bmi, but that is proving very difficult!


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While I was in hospital recently I ate only what I was given, no extras, I asked my visitors not to bring foodstuffs, and I lost 600g in 2 weeks. No exercise and not even normal amounts of movement! So yes, it's possible with diet alone. I had 3 good meals a day. It proved to me that even though I thought I ate properly at home, weighing quantities and not snacking were very important.

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