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One year on

Today is the first anniversary of me deciding to lose weight. I hit my goal months ago but as this date drew nearer its been on my mind.

As I was heading home from my morning exercise I was thinking I ought to share some of the positives that losing weight has provided to me in the hope it might encourage others. Far to often we are subjecting to the negatives of being overweight and the difficulties that people experience. I decided it might be helpful to present some of the positives.

- I have more energy (physical and mental) which means I am able to do far more than I could when I started

- I am much less tired both physically and the sleep kind

- related to the above, despite still being more physically active and devoting time to exercise most days I actually have more time, I think i gained about 2 - 3 hours a day from not sleeping so much

- I look and feel better (now if only my hair would grow back!)

- I buy smaller clothes and am able to buy nicer ones too as choice is wider in middle sizes - I am still tall!

- I am more confident and happier

- I think being less tired has improved my cognition - that is I got smarter!

- I have more money from spending less on food - which is good since I needed to replace my wardrobe at least twice!

- Best of all, due to a number of these I think it helped me to get a better job.

The simple truth is that you won't believe just how great losing weight can be for you until you try.

Best regards,


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That's just what I needed to hear thank you and we'll done

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Very motivating, I'm grateful. Well done x


What a great post! Thank you! All the motivation for me to keep going. Well done for what you've done. I'm half way through my weight loss goal. Aim to get there by November latest. :-)


I get what you say about buying smaller clothes, I have gone from 40 waist to 34 and still shrinking.

I am now looking for MUCH more fashionable clothes to wear.


It is great isn't it. Reduced waist (and collar size) is one of the best bits. I went from a 44 waist to 36 and hoping to get down to 34. Collar size is 16 from 19.5!

The sizes dropped so fast I couldn't keep up and was buying smaller size every month last summer.

For laughs I've kept a pair of the 44s. I can't believe a year ago I would have been wearing them at my hips as they couldn't fit my waist.


Ditto with the clothes my guilty pleasure :) I buy things that look nice most things really -I have 47 dresses and tunics in my wardrobe. Before I struggled with what I saw in the mirror, too tight with love handles poking out as well as my super sized chest!


Thankyou for your post. Those are all very good reasons ,all ones I shall strive for too......plus hopefully improved health and life expectancy!


Nice to hear the positives. Thank you for sharing, it's a great encouragement to many of us on here :)


Thank you Huyai!


Thanks for that, its great motivation!


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