Watch out !!!!! Keep your eye on your cerial !!

So today I got the my fitness pal app and put my normal breakfast in to it which is allbran golden crunch 45g , with skimmed milk and a hand full of blueberries and it came to just over 400 cals so I swapped it for 2 weetabix skimmed milk and blueberries for 220 cals !!!!!!!! I thought as it was high in fibre it was good for me but it just goes to show you have to keep your eye on these things this is probably why iv only lost 4 lbs in a month !!!!!!!


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16 Replies

  • Some cereals have so much sugar in them that they should be a pudding and not a breakfast!

  • Agree totally!! I find Special K, Weetabix, Bran flakes and porridge all seem to be the lowest in fat and sugar. I keep away from the sugary, "kiddie" type cereals.

  • Some cereals have so much sugar in them that they should be a pudding and not a breakfast!

    You are so right to say that.

    I have been avoiding all foods with added sugar these last 5 months and have lost 3 stones as a result.

    but as I dentist will testify, I do have a sweet tooth, so I eat a lot, and I mean a lot, of sweet fruits, managoes, papaya, Madjool dates. grapes and sweet clementines.

    Now, best of both worlds.

  • I think myfitnesspal has opened eyes for many of us! I always thought my Special K with sliced banana was a modest breakfast but that came as a shock. I still eat it some days (for the milk/calcium), but often my breakfast is 1 egg, boiled or poached, on 1 slice of wholegrain toast , ( no butter spread) and its under 200 , and if im really hungry I have 2 eggs which is a very satsfying and keeps me going til lunch...

  • PS by the way, , 4lbs in a month is the same as me, and Ive been pretty good I feel, averaged 1300 cals a day..... slow but steady wins the race!!

  • I don't eat breakfast cereals in any shape or form, not since I became aware of just what they contain. I occasionally have a bowl of muesli, but only the sugar-free kind. I buy mine from the farm shop, made by Shire Foods. We normally have protein in form for breakfast. My husband is in hospital and I just scrambled 2 eggs for myself. He doesn't like hospital's idea of a breakfast, which is a small packet of cereal and then toast. He'd normally have the toast with a boiled egg, and wholemeal toast, not the cheap kind of bread.

  • I love eggs too, sometimes have 1 slice of toast with nut butter tho, fruit first

  • I completely forgot how much I enjoyed an egg in the morning and it does keep me going till lunch I need to plan plan plan I think thanks guys your a great help xxxx

  • GoTo Work On An Egg..... edwina currie's old marketing slogan springs to mind...anyone else old enough to remember? Lol

  • Old enough to both remember "Go to Work on an Egg" from the 1950s/60s and Edwina Currie's egg-related statements in the late 1980s.

  • Me!

  • Oh really?., I had confused the two ads... didn't realise GO TO WORK etc was that long ago, very early days of ITV I guess, and what a novelty it was too! I remember my mum being very concerned that she hit 10st and had to buya size 16... so she cut out bread and bought some new- fangled swedish crispbreads (ryeking ?) quite convinced that this would make the weight drop off, but unfortunately she still ate them with butter and cheese.... Who could have imagined we'd one day be able to get so much dietary advice and help via a mini, hand held tv screen!!!!

  • Ye I've found cereals to be very sneaky... Am back on my weetabix!!

  • I am type 1 diabetic for last 30 years and am so much aware of sugar as it's quick release, never have fruit juice, lots of the juices drinks like cranberry for instance has added sugar too. Even breakfast cereals like cornflakes and rice crispies contain quite a lot. And as for fruit well some melon, pineapple, Mano all very high, and the diabetic serving size of grapes is 9 as they contain so much sugar:( I like sweet cereal so I sweeten porridge with stevia

  • Fruit juice, orange juice for example, contains the juice of several fruits. So you're getting the fructose from several oranges, not just one. Better to eat your orange in its original form! Plus, many of the fruit juices have had sugar added as well as the fructose.

    Edwina Currie nee Cohen will have been a schoolgirl or even younger at the time the 'Go to work on an egg' slogan was popular. Long before she was an MP.

    My husband is in hospital at the moment and getting a small packet of cereal plus toast and marmalade for breakfast. He can't wait to get home to have a real breakfast. I've just had a fried egg on a slice of wholemeal bread and that will keep me going for ages.

  • Watch out ... and remember to weight it out too!

    Many people serve themselves much more than the 'portion' of 40 or 45g. But do check the packs for calorie content. Meusli can vary enormously.

    One of my favourites is Oatibix. (Yeah, I know, lazy-man's porridge!)

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