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Hi everyone I've just joined as I have put off serious dieting for years and have 2 beautiful children who are now my inspiration!

My main problem is I feel I have a food addiction - some times I eat a massive bar of chocolate without remembering if I enjoyed it?! Coupled with a long standing hate of physical activity has led to me weighing over 20 stone now! I'm lucky (or maybe unlucky) to have a husband who loves me no matter what and to be honest a lot of the time I dont mind being big but I know the health risks and think its high time I do something!! Have decided to do an at home calorie controlled diet alongside the 7 minute exercise programme as who doesn't have 7 minutes :) any tips on starting would be gratefully received!!

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You probably got teased in school, did you, especially when doing physical things? And yet, you must be fairly active around the children, doing all the things that they need doing for them. Try not buying the chocolate!


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