Hi There,

I am new here and I am looking to lose at least 6-8 stone

I do not eat any veg and I find it hard to keep myself motivated in the weight loss and I am hoping to find some people that I can either meet with in person or chat with online daily to try and help me lose the weight. I hate going to the gym or doing things on my own. I can get started and its great but after the first week or so my motivation goes down the drain because I do not feel like there is any difference.

One thing I do love to do is dance but I never have anyone interested in going dancing with me.

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  • Hi there :)

    It is scary trying to lose a lot in one go, I'm aiming for 5, you just have to accept that it will take time and go for slow and steady. I reckon you're doing the right thing looking for people to share with, I've attempted running a number of times in the past but only recently when I started going with my sister have I actually stuck with it for more than a few runs. Can I ask why you don't eat veg? Hope you manage to keep motivated :)


  • Hi there,

    I don't know what it is witt veg I never liked it as a kid. I'm 28 now and even wheniI can't see what I'm eating I end up getting sick when ever I do try and eat veg inc salads. I have recently given up on veg completely since I spent a week trying to eat it and spent the week getting sick.

    I don't understand it.

    I don't have the money to join the slimming clubs. I am based in south west dublin near Liffey valley.

  • Aww that sounds really horrible. You might want to consider consulting your GP to see if there is a reason for it, or try doing it gradually, have one portion of fruit or veg once or twice a week and after a while start increasing to give your body time to adjust to it.

    Aside from the veg you could set a calorie limit and count everything you eat and drink to make sure you're not overdoing it. I'm aiming for 1400 a day, following the NHS 12 week plan.

    And I totally get you there, I didn't want to pay for WW or a gym so I've started doing the Couch to 5k plan to gradually increase my exercise, it's just 3 half hour sessions a week then I add in walks too if I can. Maybe you could start that and keep looking for someone to go dancing with?

  • I have just started the myfitnesspal and I did not eat enough yesterday. I put on the weight due to a horse riding accident years ago and it keeps going up and down. I do like fruit and nuts tho

  • Sorry to hear about your accident :( Myfitnesspal is a good idea though, good luck with it!

  • Have a look at the good advice given to Philip 1234 in the last few days, who has over 11 stone to lose. It may be a bit more difficult if you don't eat any veg. Does that include salad etc as well. There is the option of a weekly weigh in on this site and although I don't normally advocate the use of fee paying slimming 'clubs', (slimmers world etc) this might be something for you if you need to meet people as well.

    You may even find someone who wants to dance as well. Good luck and keep posting. Once you start losing weight you will feel so much better and that then becomes the motivation.

  • I completely agree slow and steady is the way forward. It is scary to have to loose alot of weight but try breaking it down and give yourself little goals to get to. I got to a point a few years ago that like you never had any motivation, healthy food option was on the back burner but you can do it. I joined weight watchers and managed to loose 3 stone, I had tried before on my own but I never stuck to it, having to go for weigh ins pushed me that little bit more.

    I have to admit I yo yoed alot since then but generally have kept that weight off. I still have about 5 stone to loose but am now using the app myfitnesspal and I track what I eat each day, I have also been following the c25k plan too which has really helped.

    Small achievable goals, one step at a time and you will start to see a difference. Just have to remember it will not happen overnight it will take time. Good luck!

  • It sounds as if it might be worthwhile enlisting the help of your GP practice to support you in your weight loss programme as it may be that you have a clinical level of depression making it harder for you.

    I've found thinking in kilos really helps me, and as others have said, breaking the overall goal down into much smaller steps which can be achieved in a shorter time frame.

    I'm sure you have a grasp of *how* to lose weight but, like most of us, are thinking more about the end result than just getting on and engaging in the necessary behaviours (and of course there's actually a lot of choice in those) and congratulating yourself on what you *do*.

  • On this site you will find quite a few people with several stones to lose, look through all the Questions that have posted... you are certainly amongst friends. But on a local level, search on web to see if their is a "slimming /fitness club" near you where you will be with likeminded people for company .... and recipe ideas . I know Rosemary Conley groups incorporate some gentle aerobics , then when you feel ready for it, maybe find a Zumba group , beginners, for dancing. Good luck. Just set little goals like "1inch of my waist by july , or something like that.

  • Hi I totally understand how you feel!!!! I am struggling here myself and have no one to exercise with. ...I even have a gym membership and don't go cause of lack of motivation. .. but I have started exercising at home doing Lil things from videos and just do it even when I don't want to ....I just don't think about it tooo long otherwise I can't be asked....but if I just get up randomly daily and do then now I'm finding it apart of my routine. I don't always do a lot but I now watch what I eat and eat less more often. I also like dancing but have no one to go with and don't know any class. Good luck and just seek inspiration from anywhere. ...start off small

  • Hi

    I understand where you are coming from I struggle as well. I plan on loosing 3 stone in weight. I am happy to chat to you and maybe we can encourage each other. I agree with everyone you can do this and we are all here to support each other. Good luck on your journey :)

  • My email is alisonsdragonphotography@gmail.com if you are interested in chatting thanks for your post n I'm in south dublin.

  • Hi there I can understand your position and it can be so hard to motivate ourselves to do stuff. I have never seen anyone from

    Dublin on thus site but hey Alison I'm from Dublin and live In Rathmines so if you ever want to meet for a coffee that would

    Be nice. Is am mostly on The Depression site myself.



  • Hi Hannah send me an email and we can maybe swap numbers


  • Do you like Photography?

  • Yes I love photography

  • I am new myself and feeling very down about my weight but happy to chat online to you. We could support each other. If you were to join a local dance group you may well find lots of friends through the group. What part of the country are you in? I know that feeling of loneliness as I've just moved to a new area where I know no one. What sort of dancing do you like? If Strictly Come Dancing is anything to go by it's an excellent way to lose weight.

  • Hi thanks for your response I'm based in south dublin I love Latin dancing but its so expensive and my partner does not like to dance. I'm recently out of work so it is a huge hit to my money and can't afford the gym r things like that.

    My public email is jainzar55@yahoo.co.uk

  • I know exactly what you mean re money. We have just bought our first house together - I had forgotten how expensive owning your own house is and we have had lots of overlap bills from the flat we used to rent. Thanks for your email. I will send you an email in a minute and then we can encourage each other. Would prefer not to post my email address for all to see but if I email you then you can email me when you want. Sadly, I live nowhere near you - we are in Hampshire so can't offer to come dancing with you. LOL

  • I hate the gym.I find if you can arrange a walk with a friend or relative helps. Your not under pressure to go the gym and you can think of it more as a catch up as oppose to training. Amazing how fast an hour goes when chatting with someone rather than clock watching.

  • Hi there , I have just joined and need to loose 4stone , dont know where to beging but feel this is a start , feel free to chat if you like maybe we could encorage each other to getting started ! . I not into sport but do like to swim , but not been in a long time , hope that will change , dancing sounds good activity and fun thing to do .

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