Advice on how to shift the weight for someone with polycystic ovaries?

I have recently found out that I have polycystic ovaries and I have since then done what the docs ask try lose the weight, exercise more regularly and take the pill.

But tho all my efforts I'm stock in a rot and since then I have of anything gain more weight and slowly turning into a wolf.

Is there anyone with advice on this?

Will really appreciate it.


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  • Hey, sorry to hear that. As a man, I can't offer much advice on this subject. But, when losing weight you do plateau at one point and this will pass. I think it's something to do with the fact that at the beginning of any diet you are losing a lot of water etc.

  • Thanks :)

  • Hi Sammy

    Cutting down on carbs to cut down on the insulin in your system is often recommended when you have PCOS, but perhaps you are already doing that?

    This link has some suggestions for sites giving you ideas for meals.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you. :)

  • Hi Sammytowil15

    sorry to hear your news but you have to stay positive. I know this may seem obvious but losing weight needs a two prong attack. Body weight can be controlled by engaging regularly in endurance type exercises. When exercising and combining a healthy eating plan together you increase lean muscle as well as decrease fatty tissue. It’s simple science. Put less energy (food) into your body than you are using in day to day activity to lose weight.

    There's loads of info on the NHS site but if you need more info on endurance workouts try where you can download free exercise workouts to do at home or gym. Best thing I can suggest is get a friend on board and make yourself a diet and exercise workout program. Having someone to do it with will make it more fun and keep you motivated.

    Here is a planner to use

    and a fitness test to see how fit you are now

    hope it works for you

  • Thanks I will def look into it :)

  • whats plastic ovariys

  • My 23 yr old daughter was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with PCOS and was told she may never have children because she went over a year with no periods and she was devastated. She spent 18 months on the pill which did help with periods and she was advised to take folic acid and amazingly she caught for a little boy who is now 15 months old however since then she has gained weight (she was only 12/14 before the baby) now she is 16/18 and she would like another baby so she is back on folic acid and dieting and exercising. ....the other thing to know is that you are more prone to become diabetic with PCOS too so another good reason to watch what you eat.

    My best wishes for you :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Ok - our friend PCOS. Essentially your hormones are screwed. Your body doesn't work how most people think it sshould It's not just replacing lean muscle for fat or eating a healthy diet. You actually need to do more than that. PCOS is related to insulin production and has probably made you insulin resistant. It's better to follow a diabetes or glycaemic load weightloss plan. If trying to lose weight I try to cut down on carbs especially at the end of the day. Don't do weight bearing exercise as for some reason it puts muscle on you. I just use an exercise bike without resistance. i do build muscle quickly.

    There is hope. As your weight decreases the PCOS symptoms decrease. I take metformin to help wwith blood sugar. I've also managed to have 2 kids. Dianette isbrilliant.

  • Thanks :) I have taken diabette and didn't work for me any other that you recommend? Thanks again :)

  • Metformin for insulin resistance when Dianette make s no difference.

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