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#WLC WEEK 8 still kinda happy!

I can't believe it's week 8 already ,I lost another 1 and a quarter pounds this week and I was still kinda happy with that as I've had two birthday meals to contend with,I was 43 and through starting this I actually woke up on my birthday feeling healthy and happy,I don't have any health problems,started doing more exercise and so far I've lost 1 stone 4pounds,had a bad year last year so this year I'm determined to have a positive one as much as possible,I'm still trying for a baby so I'm hoping this plan may help,good luck to everybody else this week x

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Hi Booster8joanna,

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your two Birthday meals, and CONGRATULATIONS for losing 1 and a quarter pounds as well. It's great to hear that you woke on your BIrthday feeling healthy and happy - that's such a great start to your special day. Hopefully this year will be much more positive than last year (as you hope), and good luck with your plans to have your baby.

Hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi lowcal

Thanks for such an inspirational message,I really appreciate it,had a big birthday meal as well last night but I'm back on track today,how's things going with you?,what week are you on?,hope you have agood week too and good luck for the future xx


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