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#WLWC 7- First weight gain :(

So i put on a pound but silver lining is I know why. Been feeling rotten all week and when I feel rotten, all i want is warmth and food so I pigged out majorly on friday and saturday. Now its a challenge to shift 5 lbs in two weeks to hit my mini goal. Exercise routine is changing today anyway because it needs an update and I think Im actually going to have to ban bread.... im not a chocolate or crisp person but bread is my achilles heel. So no more (which includes pizza- yet again I could happily sit and never stop eating hehe). See how it goes. Anyone else finding it hard with their other half not dieting? I keep wanting to nick bits off to the point where I have to keep myself occupied or I will!! New week new challenges- it wasn't ever going to be a smooth ride any ways so here we go!

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I sometimes end up eating a slice of dry wholemeal bread in between meals if I feel hungry. So long as it is wholemeal bread and nothing on it, I don't think it can do too much harm. If I'm desparate for a snack in the evening I sometimes have a bowl of wholemeal pasta, or more rarely, wholemeal rice. Its got to be better than scoffing a tube of pringles, or 12 packs of crisps, or a whoel bar of chocolate, which might be the alternative.


Although, if you realise that wholemeal bread is digested to glucose faster than table sugar, there are many better ways to eat.


Hope you can manage to give up the bread! It can be quite a challenge. You might need to up your protein a little to help you to not feel hungry, and have as much high fibre veg as you can. Nuts like almonds can be good for a snack if you are hungry.


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