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Newbie here

Started dieting beginning Jan, male , 36, 5' 6'', Asian, should have a BMI for a perfect body/health of 21,was 78 kg now 75, was BMI over 27 aiming for 60kg and BMI of 21 by Late August. Ive tried dieting/changing lifestyle in past but lost motivation. Ive set my web home page to NHS we ght loss guide so will update progress every week. My diet being vegetarian with little fried foods makes it a little easier I think too loose weight than most. I actually like raw carrots, tomatoes, apples etc

I think the website is very well laid out with the 12 week plan and they have done a very good job. So hopefully Il use that to achieve my target.

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Hi Lomb,

Welcome and hope that you have a great first week on the NHS 12 week plan. You sound positive, and that's such a great attitude to have - wishing you all the best for achieving your target.

Lowcal :-)


R u asian as in pak/indian cz i am n i need tips on how to stop eating spicy food!


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