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#wlcw3 - Hip pain and weight gain.....no more running :-(

I've gained 2lbs this week - boo hissss - due to having my birthday (yum) but not being able to run off any calories due to pain in both hips. I had (stupidly it turns out) been continuing to run through the pain that started in both hips when I began to increase my distance past 5k. Because the pain got better during running I figured it would eventually ease off between runs, but instead I ended up entering the physio dept on Friday (for an unrelated problem) walking like an extra from a zombie film. My physio kindly put me through all the hip related diagnostic tests and concluded that they were painful because I basically have very poor muscle strength in my thighs (inner and outer) meaning my joints have minimal support while running. So I have some strengthening exercises to do twice a day but no more running until the pain has gone, which I think will take a while because it proper huuuuuuurrrrts.

I'm really gutted because I've been running since I started C25K in September as a way of avoiding seasonal depression and it's really worked, it makes me feel fab. I really need to be able to eventually start again but I'm missing it so much. I think maybe I'll try and do some strength and flex this week to give me some kind of structure and help out with the muscle tone. But be warned to increase your distances and speeds slowly if you haven't exercised for a while - I was really pleased to be running a 5k in just over 30 mins last week from 37 just before Christmas, but now I find it too painful to walk round the park :-(.

Hope everyone else had a good weight loss week and I will be trying hard to shift my birthday gain before next week's weigh in.

P.s - how do I get a cartoon smiley face next to my name??

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Hi, sedw. My heart goes out to you, not only having hip pain to put up with but also the pain of not running for a while. I had shin splints after I graduated and had to stop running for 7 weeks. It was awful. But I got through and am running again now. I don't know whether you're aware of the C25k Strength & Flexibility programme - it might be worth doing that while you're off running, it might augment your physio exercises too? What do other people think? Also, maybe try aquafit, Pilates, and /or exercise biking to build up those muscles in a low-impact way. I am no expert, your physio is the person to listen to, but once you're hooked on exercise it's dismal if you can't do it for a while. And if you're like me, you start thinking that maybe you'll never get started again. But you will! Keep in touch here, we will get you through this setback! Best of luck, Sue


Thanks Sue - it's really good to hear from someone who was out of it for 7 weeks and then got back into it. I am starting to have hints of thinking it's just not for me and I was right all along to think I couldn't do it, but thankfully the positive effects of what I've achieved so far are keeping those thoughts brief at the mo.

Yes, I am am aware of strength and flex and think I may try that this week, but will have a listen first and see if any of the exercises might hurt, which physio says should stop me doing whatever I'm doing. I also do yoga, so will see how that goes tomorrow. Cycling also may be a good option - one of the things I miss most about running is being outdoors, so cycling would be a good alternative for me. Just need to get those cobwebs off the bike and pump up the tyres :-).


Sorry to hear about your problems. When I first started at Jog Scotland a few months ago I had dreadful muscle problems with gluts & hamstrings. I had massage therapy but was also advised to do some strength exercises which I do at the gym. The other main problem was my running shoes, which after getting new ones, chosen after a treadmill assessment, resolved the problem. Good luck with getting fit but look for alternatives, maybe swimming or cycling? Aquafit is good too, but check with physio first.


Thanks Windswept. Yup, I definitely need to build up the strength. No wonder my thighs are so wobbly - they're just made of chubble and bone :-)


My legs have got a bit thinner since starting running but they're far from being those skinny straight-up-and-down runner's legs. Still too wibbly-wobbly for my liking....


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