started again this week, need to lose 4 and a half stone

i posted on here before christmas, but wasn't in the right place emotionally to stick to the plan, i am a comfort eater, so need to find a distraction for that. i have started taking my puppy to obedience classes and the photos that have been put on their facebook page were not good, and prompted me to try again. so fingers crossed, have made an appointment to be shown round local gym, and if it ever stops raining will walk daily too. i suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks and find going out a real challenge, hope i can find some helpful tips on here too


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  • I also have 4 and a half stone to lose, and have tried unsuccessfully before, even putting more on.

    So here I am again, out of breath, my back hurts when I walk, all because of my weight.

    I have had help for Depression, and comfort and emotionally eat, so I am starting the 12 weeks today !!

  • As long as we keep trying

  • i wsh you well, thankyou for you support, i had a very bad fall on thursday and have hurt my back shoulder and neck, so am in a lot of pain ( im not looking for excuses not to succeed?) so far i have managed to not comfort eat, and have increased my fluid intake, which is good until i have to crawl up the stairs to the loo lol, there are some really supportive people on here, may be we can both learn how not to comfort eat? x

  • eat foods that increase you metabolism... the body as to increase its energy to break down thses foods ,and drink ice water, and take a cold bath this activates the body to work harder to keep you warm and warm the water to body temperature..

  • Hi w1llow, I could literally have written your post myself we're that similar!! I'm new to this forum but have been trying to loose weight for a while. I've managed to loose 7 lbs so far but still have another 4 to go.

    I've also got a dog and they are the ultimate motivation to go out even when the weather is awful so that should help you as your puppy gets older. I've been challenging myself to walk my dog that little bit further every day and it seems to be helping. I also work full time and I drive to work so I looked around and found a cheaper car park further away from work so I get an extra 10 minute walk twice a day just to get to and from the car and I save money - bonus! :) Add to that going for a good 20 minute walk at lunchtime and I'm shattered but happy! It doesn't sound excessive but it's really helped speed up my weight loss.

    I really found that what I was eating was effecting my moods so I tried to cut down on the amount of sugar I was eating and that and doing more exercise has really helped keep me positive most of the time. Good luck and keep posting! :)

  • Hey you sound troubled. I have just come out of a decade of depression. The problem with comfort eating is that it's not really very comfortable so why do it? What we need it real changes in attitude not platitudes about why this that and other has happened. Be strong. Don't allow yourself to snow yourself. Either you want to change or you don't.

  • Hi madman what does snow yourself mean?

  • This may just be me having a bad day but this is a bit harsh don't you think? W1llow came here for support not to be told they're troubled! It's easy to say just stop comfort eating but that's not going to happen overnight and a lot of the reasons people revert back to their old eating habits is because they expect overnight changes and are too hard on themselves - excess pressure from outside sources won't help. I understand where you're coming from with not giving platitudes and understand why you've said what you've said but if someone had said to you 10 years ago at the beginning of your depression 'oh stop being silly and just snap out of it' it wouldn't have helped you would it? So why are weight issues any different?

  • thankyou for your support, it is very much apreciated, like you say its easy to say less calories means loss of weight, im not an idiot i know this, if we could all do it properly we wouldnt be on here?, good luck to everyone x

  • Hi there I totally agree with you, that reply was tactless

    And harsh. People need to be treated well on these Forums


  • no one makes harsh comments when people want to give up smoking, they encourage them, its a pity some people dont realise that is all we are asking for, support, not to be treated as if we are fat and stupid. thankyou Hannah for your support

  • It's worth having a look at exercise you can do in the house as well as all the good ideas you are putting into place. There's also an element of 'no bad weather, only bad clothing' - especially for people with emotional challenges, getting outside, especially in the winter is important. So your dog really is your best friend. I also find that giving the dog a treat or leftovers stops me having them (and she doesn't have a weight problem)

    A couple of things that might be worth looking at (I've mentioned them here before) - a book called Beyond Temptation which is about addressing overeating and hypnotherapy scripts to listen to (I borrowed mine from the library as a digital audiobook)

    Good luck!

  • Read your reply and I am also a comfort eater so will have a look at items you mentioned

  • Hi W1 llow, I am also a junkfood comfort eater and semi-recluse ( come from a family of famous recluses, so I'm fighting it). I have found week 3 of the plan 'food cravings' very helpful. I divert myself by playing my guitar for the 30 minutes and drink ice cold water. So far, it has worked. I'm also, so are you, probably, trying to address the issues that started me comfort eating and causing me depression, hand in hand with this 12 weeks. For me, this is what every weight loss club lacks. We all know WHAT to eat, but what is never addressed at say Weightwatchers, is WHY we don't do it. All the best to you.

  • Hi I also the play the guitar as a diversion when I'm feeling hungry, I seem to be getting much better although my fingers are getting quite sore. I agree with you so much about the underlying problem of comfort eating. What are we feeding ???? keep playing that guitar x

  • Hi W1lllow

    Have you looked to see if there any local fitness classes you could go to? If you are prone to anxiety and panic attacks that might be a more friendly option than a gym. I do this and find the friendly support really helpful, something you won't find in a gym. I have joined gyms in the past and not really used them but having found a fitness class that is in a local village hall I go regularly and really enjoy it.

    Hope you find something you enjoy.


  • im frightened to go any where new, but i understand what you mean about local groups being friendlier

  • Hi w1llow,

    How are things after your fall,hope you are feeling better. I did not get started as I said I was going to, sooooo going to get weighed in the morning and post my weight and try again.......

  • hi, thankyou for asking, still quite sore, had wanted to join the gym this week, but cant now. did some comfort eating over weekend, but lost 2lbs, this week sticking to 1300 cals, it did creep up to 1600 over weekend. back on track for week 2. Good luck for your new start, we can support each other if you would like to?

  • Yes that would be good,I tried to post my weight this morning but kept losing me broadband. Hopefully ok now.

    My weight is 14st 7lb and the heaviest I have ever weighed, I am only 5ft, so not a good combination. Well done loseing 2lb, that is good encouragement for this week.Good Luck for this week.

    Also well done to anyone who has lost weight and Good Luck to loseing more.

  • Hi, I live near a gym, which is great, but couldn't use it as I had depression etc, and couldn't go on my own. In the end I got going to a class run by the mental health wing of the NHS. It is great. I now have the confidence to go into the gym on my own. Why not give the local CMHT (community mental health team) a ring and see if they do a class like here? If you ask the question it may be just the catalyst they need to say Yes, we're about to start one. I'm trying to lose weight - about 20 Kg,but not doing too well. Had gone down 2Kg, but now it has gone down to having lost 1 Kg. IT is the wrong direction... See you around the site.

  • I have 5 st to lose, hoping to gain inspiration from all you on here. I have (very fortunately) not had the excuses of suffering from depression etc, I have just been plain food-loving. Starting tomorrow, it must all change; please help !

  • Good luck

  • Hi I've just joined the forum and it is reassuring to hear all your comments. I broke my arm last year was not allowed to exercise since I then broke it again. Have put on so much weight through unhealthy snacks and no exercise. But here goes hopefully sharing my weight loss journey will help.

  • Sorry chaps, really didn't mean anything harsh or unfair towards w1llow or anyone. I guess I was sort of talking to myself as much as anything, which is what a lot of people on this forum seem to be doing. Perhaps I was too direct. Again sorry.

  • apology accepted, i wish you well with your weight loss too

  • Hi w1llow,

    Hows things going,sorry not been on, been stuck in house since last Tuesday with awful flu bug and still got it !!!!.

    Lost no weight this last week, so I will have to try again. Hope you are ok,, :-)

  • hi, had a bad week since my fall, now been told ive got whiplash, and the pain in my back and leg will take at least 4-6 weeks for swelling and inflammation to subside. i have to admit ive been comfort eating so am annoyed with myself for that, and have put my 2lbs back on. will have to get head back on track...:(

  • As long as you don't bury your head in the sand you will be fine, you have been weighing regularly so keep that up, I have found that I am a grazer so I find lower calorie alternatives raw veg, rice cakes caramel that are only 38 calories sugar free jelly and low cal yoghurt. Alternatively find something to do with your hands knitting crochet, jewellery making good luck!

  • I'm in the same boat with similar weight to lose. All the best of luck to you

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