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Hi everyone, weighed in today at 10st 2lbs (64.2kgs) and my aim is to weigh 9 st. I am a small framed 5ft 3 ins and am fed up with looking chunky. I'm on the 5:2 plan and lost a fair bit on that last year,but have slipped a bit of late ...factor in Christmas and that's added nearly 4lbs to my pre- Christmas weight ,plus given me a taste for the lethal fat/sugar combo once again.

Exercise-wise I started C25K last July,graduated in August and now run 3 times a week ( weather and knee permitting ).

Good luck all.

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Hi Carolcal,

I am supposed to be starting 5:2 but I find it awkward getting going and finding the right day to start. Christmas took it's toll on me too and I gained 1kg. I've been struggling with a dreadful chesty cough so not had a run since Christmas either. Must pull myself together!


Beek ! Hello mate ! Happy New Year :)

Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough-I'm not surprised you've found it awkward getting started on the 5:2 or to get out for a run.

Get yourself properly better first, then when you are feeling more like your old self you'll probably find you are ready for that fresh start .

I'm assuming you've watched the original Horizon programme /read Dr Michael Moseley and Mimi Spencer's book ? The book is pretty useful to have as an extra, but it's not vital.

I really recommend the plan and it's a cinch to follow.Get well soon and good luck .

I really look forward to hearing your progress and comparing notes x

PS ...You could sign up to Realfoodieclub's Valentine Quest ...starts today,to re-set the running goals ?


Hi, yes I did see the programme and thought it made a lot of sense.

My son and DIL have lost about 3 stone each and both look superb again!

They let me borrow their book (I do have it on Kindle but it isn't as easy to jump around the pages on that) and it strikes me you have to really get yourself thoroughly organised before you start.

It is time to stop the excuses and JUST DO IT!


I've got it on Kindle too...I know what you mean ,it's not as 'reader friendly' as a book. I'm logging everything I eat on My Fitness Pal too...I find that's a great help,particularly on my 'fast days'....I would really recommend it .


My son used that too and found it very useful. I just have to stop putting if off. NOW! Watch this space as they say. Run in the morning and cut out all the procrastination!


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