Become a Winter Friend and help an older person this winter

Become a Winter Friend and help an older person this winter

Hi everyone, I wanted to flag up an NHS Choices campaign I hope you’ll join. It’s called Winter Friends and it involves signing a pledge to look out for an elderly person this winter – could be a neighbour, friend or relative. We’ve launched the campaign because thousands of elderly people die every year in Britain from the cold and thousands more spend the winter alone and lonely. If you’re already helping an older person on a regular basis, do still sign the pledge to show your support. If you’d like to help but don’t where to start, you could volunteer with one of the many organisations that help older people – there’s more information on our FAQs page. We’ve also set up a Winter Friends community here at HealthUnlocked where you can talk to other Winter Friends.

Sign the pledge here – it takes less than a minute

Winter Friends FAQs

Join the Winter Friends community

I hope you join us,

Anna Sutton, Editorial team, NHS Choices

2 Replies

Who are these old people that need watching. we are both retired and look after mother-in-law from our home in France - organising her shopping via the Internet and organising carers (don't tell her about the spy camera). Our friends are in their 70s and are looking after their parents. How long will it be before there are 3 generations retired?


I think, I know someone who might need help, but I am not sure if he rejects an offer of help because of pride.- I am living in Germany and can't check the situation of this gentleman at London. What do you suggest?


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