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I joined today and am eager to get my waight down and my fitness up!

I am aound 3an half stone over weight and soooo tied of it. My body feels like it betrays who I really am. Well, ive signed up for a 10 k in 2 weeks time.I used to be a good runner, today it is more like a gentle plodder. I have put together a shopping list of my first weeks meals, Ive printed of a meal plan, Ive done a shopping list and put exersise slots in my diary (go me!) I need a bit of encouragement to keep going, so if there are any that are in a simular position then lets do just that. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi, I started the programme a week ago at 182 lbs and already feel so much better and have lost 8lb (unbelievable for me as I find it hard to shift weight). I have also started the couch to 5k, I thought that it would be a real struggle for me but I got to the end and I was delighted. I decide what to eat and add my calories up through the day in a notebook so that I can go back and find the calories for something that I eat often. For the first week I went from 0 exercise to over 215 minutes plus extra for strength exercise. I have not felt this good for a long time and I find myself checking the chart from the day before and trying to improve on that. All I can say is that when you get on the scales for the first time you will be delighted and this will keep you going to the next week. Hope all goes well for you.


hello dpeach.

i started this back in february and only really wanted to loose 2 stone which was my goal for a wedding. i am still sticking to this and have now lost just over 4 stone. so do stick with it. i have also started the couch to 5k exercise programme and have completed week 1 and i havent run since i left school nearly 20 years ago. i found it quite hard to start with but it is just a way of life now.

good luck with everything. i am here if you want to chat or any advice x


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