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Does anyone use exercise DVDs? If so what are the best?

Hi all I'm in my 3rd week of trying to loose weight (calorie counting) and I know I need to exercise more. In my first week I spent a lot of time on my wii fit but in my 2nd week I was really tired and didnt do much at all. I am now thinking about getting an exercise DVD has anyone got any suggestions or reccomendations? Thanks

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It depends what sort of thing you like. I like the Davina McCall DVDs but, if I want a short but challenging workout, I also like Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred". I have problems with my joints at the moment though so I am going to try one of the Leslie Sansone videos until my joints are a little happier and finish with a little gentle karate training. The videos are low impact but do get your heart rate up. Depending on your health, fitness level, endurance and time available, you can choose different length ones from 1 mile up to 5 miles. If you have a look on YouTube you can get an idea of what they are like. I also enjoy the Tae Bo workouts. I've not done them for a while though.

On the other hand, if the weather is nice and you want to get out, you could go for a brisk walk outside. You could even do intervals so you are walking at a moderate pace and then have intervals of 1 minute or so where you walk as quickly as you can.

Carolyn x


Hi Angel

Congratulations on all your hard work so far. To have the willpower to keep going as you are, makes you a great inspiration to people who are just joining, that may struggling.

My kids bought me zumba for wii, it is brilliant, but I didn't realise how much strain it would be on my knees. I have hypermobility in all my joints (which I didn't know till after I go zumba) and as my muscles can't hold my joints in place as they should, I couldn't use it as it was too painful.

Try renting a few dvds through love film then you can decide from there. or there are still a few block buster shops open you could try there if there is still one near you.

I now try to control my weight through portion control as I can't exercise properly. I was given this trick by a dietician and it helps me, so it may help you.

this is a guide for each meal

draw round a teaplate onto a piece of card

Draw a line through the middle of the circle dividing it into two equal portions

Draw a line through one of the portions to divide it into to equal portions

You should end up with 1 half and 2 quarters

The biggest portion is for veg or fruit each meal

One of the smaller portions is for meat, fish or if you are vegetarian quorn or similar products

The other small portion is for carbs. As we all know wholemeal, wholewheat, wholegrain, seeded and brown are the best choice, and jacket potatoes.

I'll let you into a little secret! sweet potatoes are a veg so enjoy!!

Also check out the blood group diet, it tell you which foods are toxic to your body, which are medicine and which are good to eat generally.

I'm blood group O neg and I found out that group O's are wheat and dairy intolerant! I made the few changes it suggested and felt better by the end of the 1st week! less bloated and by the end of the month the psoriasis on my face and scalp was nearly gone!!


Take care and Angel blessings

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Hi Thanks for your reply :-) Someone at work said about the Zumba wii fit. I dont have access to the internet at home so I cannot use love film :-( but I might invest in the Zumba wii fit.

It is interesting what you said about the blood food diet unfortunatly I do not know my blood group (and I cannot give blood so I cannot find out) but I am sure it will be interesting for others.

Thanks for all your tips (i will try sweet potato I dont think I have had it before)

:-) G


It depends whether you want it for toning or calorieburn


Hi, Insanity workouts are very popular and good. Don't be too put off by the name.

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Hi Angel

If you have ever had a blood test at your doctors, they should be able to tell you your blood group if you give them a ring.

zumba is a great workout you can start doing it at home to get used to the moves, then when you get used to it and feel confident, you can join a class they seem to be everywhere, and you might meet someone who lives near you and can be your zumba buddy!

if you want a lifestyle buddy (I hate the word diet!) I would gladly be here for you.

Take care and Angel blessings to you

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Do you have an mp3 player that you could download the NHS C25K podcasts onto somewhere? Then you could get running... it is also good discipline as it doesn't allow you to be all gung-ho in the beginning meaning that you are more likely to keep going.



I do WII Dance for a workout as I dont think of it as a work out when I'm doing it. As a bonus you can also make sure you are pushing your self enough as with moderate exercise you should be able to talk but not sing. I also use a DVD from the fit in 5 to 20 mins range - I used the Bingo Wings one as this is an area of my body I have never liked, it focuses on the arms but with exercises that cover the rest of the body and get my heart rate up. The key bonus was that I have quickly seen a noticeable change in a short period of time. If there is an area you would like to improve in particular check them out :)

Good Luck

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