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Half Way Through The 4 Week !!!!!

I feel like im burning the candle at both ends. I spoke to my instructor at the gym and she said to me to push through this low patch i am going through. I feel like im over doing but according to my instructor im doing the right amount of exerise. Both my parents have said the same thing and im starting to feel the pressure. I feel great for what i have achieved but im feeling tierd just lately. Could do with some incouragement please !!!!


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I find doing exercise gets easier if you keep at it. You haven't specificed how much you are doing, but I recall when I started even a few minutes and I was fed up. Now I spend most of my weekends outdoors being active and snatch time whenever I can during the week. The good weather helps with that!

I think for most of us the attitude towards exercise is usually negative. Maybe just thinking of it as being "active" might help.


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