Excuses I make. I'm 66 have had a hip replacement and have a dodgy knee. I can't help it.

I'm 15st but should be 12 and long to be slimmer. I know my knee would improve with less weight on it. Some weeks ago I bought a bike and began cycling. Fantastic some weeks I totalled 50 miles. I felt good. Bought a pannier for my shopping. My weight went down about 5lbs and then back up again.

I believe I sabotage myself. I believe when my body starts losing weight it triggers a reaction which tells me to snack more.

My biggest problem is between 6pm and 10pm. I just keep wanting to snack. It is as if something overides any resolve I have.

I sabotage myself.


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4 Replies

  • You don't say when and what you eat?

    I find that you need to keep the rituals. So if you are used to big puddings, make them smaller then an apple, then some raisins!

    The human / mind / body is sometimes easier than you think to fool.

    Also drinking plenty of water - ease off in the evening.

    You also might find the snacking is your body craving a macro-nutrient you have restricted it of - so adequate low GI nutrient rich food is something some people neglect to eat.

    Then again you could try an evening cycle too!

  • Thank you. It used to be cheese and crackers. I stopped buying the cheese but kept the crackers, so mainly crackers or biscuits. I don't eat puddings as such just eat fruit.

    My wife does not have an ounce of fat on her and likes biscuits or cake.

    Today I have counted my calories resisted any biscuits or cake. Prepared in advance some celery and cucumber sticks and ate them with a tablespoon of humous as a snack.

    Calories today 1,700. Plus I cycled twice, 40 minutes each time. Have discussed with my wife what she can do to help me. Just need to repeat todays performance tomorrow.

    What's GI rich food?

  • I think this craving for eating on an evening is a common problem for most. Try to cut up a cucumber and celery into sticks and nibble on those until you get used to not eating after your evening meal.

  • Hi thank you. I did some shopping, prepared cucumber and celery sticks to eat with a tablespoon of humous. Do not feel hungry as I write.

    Have my NHS weekly chart on the kitchen cupboard plus post-its to remind myself and my wife about portions.

    I must win this battle.

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