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Hi Guys/Girls, I'm new to all this. I have decided I wanted to start getting into shape again as i have let myself go. I am only 5ft and weigh almost 10 stone although I am going into boots tomorrow to get an accurate weight for myself before i start this. I was wondering if anyone had any tips to help me, whether it be exercise tips or healthy eating tips. I am only 24 and seriously desperate now. My main areas are my stomach and thighs. i have a big bum but that i must say i am proud of :) anyways any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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Hi, for the first few weeks I would recommend using an app like my fitness pal, it helps you get to grips with calorie control and knowing what is in your food, educate yourself on what's right and wrong to eat, I was forever on google and looking at ingridients on things in asda ! : ) people are amazed at how much I know about food now and I am proud to say I didi it all by myself, as for the excercise this area is my downfall, walking is good for your legs and I guess for your tummy it will have to be sit ups (hate them never get past about 6 ). Also start fresh give your kitchen cupboards and fridge a good clear out and re stock with healthy food and snacks x


Hi, I'm in a very similar boat! 5'1" and aiming to lose about 12lbs. I'd recommend the couch to 5k program, it's on the nhs website, or there are loads of apps for your phone. I never thought I could run, but this guides you through step by step until you're running for about 30 minutes! Great for your legs!

As for the food, I think Angels covered it- get some healthy foods in, and make your meals from scratch if you don't already.

All the best :)


Hi Stevenson226.

I see you have already been offered some great advise.

I'm going to tell a little bit about myself and hope that this can inspire you on your weight loss journey.

I'm 5ft 1" and on 7th January 2013 was weighing in a 11st 4lbs but alas a lot older at 53. Mine wasn't really down to over eating but due to a lack of exercise. Four years ago my life was turned upside down when I became a full time carer. I'm still a carer and will be for many more years to come. but I could no longer ignore the extra stone a year that I was gaining. With my Sons help on 27th March I joined our local gym where I now go four mornings a week at 7am and do 30mins walking on the treadmill, 20mins on the bicycle and then 20mins using the machines. I'm pleased to say I now weigh in at 9st 12lbs. Not only do I feel fitter but my mental health has improved and I have become very a where of what is going into my mouth.

Just remember we all owe ourselves some me time.


Hello. Well done for making the first step. I would recommend the recipes on the NHS website (low in calories and very satisfying) and also Pilates, Zumba and lots of walking. Good luck x


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