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Last chance to stop this addiction

Hi, Just found this website and like someone else I have just read, I have never blogged before. I have always had a weiht problem, and yo-yo dieted for years, in 2005 I got down to 11st 10lbs,, but soon things changed at home and I was back on the bingeing, this morning I weighed myself and I was 16st 2lbs. I stood there in the bathroom and said that's it, as I do every morning, and swore I would not touch the chinese left over from last night, and what did I do - ate some. I know what healthy eating is, I know what I should and should not do but find one part of my mind says one thing and the other half another. I hate my size, I will not buy new clothes because my wardrobe is full of the fabulous clothes I bought in 2005-2007.

My lifetstyle is manic and because of financial constraints it can be nothing else, I am self employed and work stupid hours, and the companies I work for are putting us under more and more pressure, and the work is stressful enough. I also teach swimming at weekends and two evenings a week. Plus work in voluntary orgainsations.

I need help and not sure how and what to do, I signed up WW online and got nowhere and attending a regular class as I have done previously is now not an option as I can never guarantee my time.

How do I stop myself!!

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well done for taking a look at yourself and seeing what is what. Ultimately it is about what we can stay committed to and mean what we do. Having my own battles with weight loss over many years. I am now into slow and steady - 8 pounds over 7 weeks so far. I have given up on any slimming clubs and faddy diets. I count calories in My fitness Pal - a free online programme - I did this for sometime before i reigned myself in - it was quite an eye opener to what i was consuming. I am now down to 1400 cals a day and i exercise three times a week. I honestly think this is the best site for keeping me in the game and learning about healthy happy eating.

And if you do join this particular weight loss bus - probably planning what you eat is a key component . i too am looking fwd to fitting into the clothes that are hanging in my wardrobe - but someway off yet.

Good luck!


Thanks, I'll try to fnid the app on my iPhone for my fitness pal.


Hi, I've just signed up too and you sound a lot like me, losing weight one minute then putting it back on the next. I think in that respect you're right to call it an addiction and should tackle it the same way. For me that is taking it one day at a time and working hard to avoid the things that trigger the binging. For me that's sitting down in front of the telly, realising how boring it is and opening a bottle of wine rather than going and doing something more interesting or productive instead! For you, maybe its something to do with how hard you're working and a way to unwind?

The thing is, you know that even after the first day you'll feel a bit lighter and a bit more energetic, and that will just grow the longer you stick with it...you (we!) have just got to make the break :)


Well, I am going to call today day one, need to tackle the paperwork, and just realised made a mistake on something yesterday, so replying to this blog rather than going and making some toast - hope this is the answer, do something else. Keep in touch



Yep, me too, just had my dreaded 'day one weigh in'...roughly what I was expecting, but hopefully a bank holiday of painting and decorating will make a dent in that ;)


I've been doing the same as suzybenj, the apps really do help.

I'm still losing, I done a web search to see which foods keep you feeling fuller for longer.

I sometimes have a treats after my meal, this way I have a small peace, feel full and don't keep eating it, also helps me not snacking between meals as I eat that nice treat already. Means I'm in control.

Good luck, you can do it.


thanks, still trying to work out how to download the app onto the iPhone.

Control is the word!


I have lost weight on the WW plan and I would highly recommend it. It works. I think that the key is to go to the meetings and maybe that is why the online version didn't work for you. You already swim so you have the exercise part covered. You can do it!! If I can , anyone can! And I feel better about myself which makes life better!

Wishing you the very best of luck!


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