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Hello everyone

After trying lots of the fad diets over the years, I've finally had a lightbulb moment - I need to reduce my portion sizes, make healthier choices, and move more. Only taken me 40+ years. I've downloaded the 12 week plan and will devour over the weekend (interesting food/appetite choice of word there!) with the intention of starting Monday 29th April. Can't bear another summer of having to wear long everything in order to hide myself from the chin down!

I have a mahoosive (spot the username choice) 41/2 stone to lose.

Here goes..........

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HI mahoosive,

At 1 to 2 lbs a week, you're probably looking at about 8 or 9 months, but even after a few weeks you will feel the rewards to have been well worth the effort.

Have a good read around the NHS live well lose weight pages - there's plenty of good free advice there. These blogs are also well worth reading back through - they're mainly written by people who are actually doing weight loss.

You seem to have set yourself a goal, so I would suggest you ensure you are clear as to your reason why you want to lose weight - whatever that is for you. Be able to be fitter, healthier, get into my old jeans .... whatever.

I'd also recommend you set yourself some mini-goals or milestones to tick off as you go. I weight myself in kgs, so I used things like 16 stone, 15 stone, 14 stone, 225 lbs, 200 lbs, BMI 30, BMI 29, etc. You may well want to use different things.

It's all about life change. It's about changing your 'bad' eating and exercise/activity habits for better and healthier ones. It's not just about a "diet" - it's about losing that excess weight once and for ever. It's about finding that healthier, fitter and slimmer you that's inside of you and setting it free once and for all.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi Mahoosive

We are on the same lines!!! I have decided to start tomorrow too and have 4.5 + stones to lose. I am 40 and really should have got to grips with this weight loss lark well before now!! I need to plan my meals for the week so I stay on track. I am off to bed to work out what exercise I am going to do.....tempted to look at the couch to 5K !!!

Good luck



Hi there, great choice. :)

Now is the time to start focusing on yourself again. When you feel good then everyone around you will feel good. Let us know regularly how you are getting on with your challenge.


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