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help! My hypothyroidism symptoms are causing a strain on my friendships and relationship! Chronic fatigue is killing me, unable to do stuff

I am really struggling with my chronic fatigue symptoms. I am due for more blood tests. My tsh is 0.02, t3 ( normal range 1.6 -3) is 1.8 and t4 is 16.0 ( normal range 9-21) I am currently self medicating with pig thyroid 4 grain and 20mg of NHS T3. I am also supplementing with nutri adrenals and have been for the past 4 months and its made no freakin improvement with my chronic fatigue symptoms, tried a gluten free diet, done nothing to improve my symptoms. already been tested for celiac disease and it came back negative, I am on benefits and struggle to make ends meet so I can not afford private medical treatment. I have been away to Norway recently for 3 weeks to spend time with my boyfriend has been very upset as he can not take me up the mountains, take me out shopping, take me out anywhere nice because I am so chronically tired and unable to do anything physical. I tried once pushing myself up the mountains and within 2 mins I was breathless, heart was pounding like f%6k, was experiencing short black outs, sore head, aching muscles and I was like that is not me and its really annoyed my boyfriend, I have tried explaining to him that its my condition and in time once its treated properly it will get better...we have had fighting matches over it and its putting a strain on the relationship because im constantly sleeping all day some times 17 hours or more a day.....before this disease hit me I was doing karate, take kwon do, kick boxing, kung fu, out door walking, pole dancing, you name it and I was a nice slender curvy slim size 14. I have had modelling agencies contacting me in the past and Now thanks to my thyroid condition I am a size 22 and have been for 2 years. I lost 1 and a half stone and I am still carrying the thyroid weight. I am missing out on modelling opportunities.

My whole holiday in Norway has been ruined by this disease as my boyfriend had plans to take me to the molde jazz festival and many other nice things. I have been feeling like a zombie, chronically tired, mood swings have been flying all over the place and sleeping around the clock, there have been times where I have experienced insomnia despite feeling chronically tired. He has been crying his eyes out and so have I as I am like f%cking hell this is f%cking pissing me right off!! I CAN NOT SEEM TO LEAD A FREAKING NORMAL HAPPY LIFE!!:((

Some one please help me here!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell do I do?

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It may help you if you read the comments on nhs.uk/Conditions/Thyroid-u... Others have normal bloods and the symptoms the answer appears to be see a consultant


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