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Mr A.M.Savage

Some Doctors think they are above being reported to the health authority for gross incompetence I regretfully have one of those Doctors who thinks he can bully me into denying my health issues are more serious than he takes them for and threatens to take vital medications from me unless I submit to his bullying. I have a spinal issue which is causing me severe to chronic pain and I am on medication called long tec otherwise known as oxi contin, he has removed the oxi norm which is fast release pain meds, vital to my needs to assist in reducing my pain. He has called me a liar twice, the second time a witness was there to see him argue with me, trying to bully me. This course of action is to make others aware that these sorts of Doctors should be removed from inflicting more harm to patients and should be reported so other people should not have to suffer this kind of incompetence.

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I'm hoping you have reported the b@@@@@d, he should be struck off instantly. Sounds like a big bully and having the health issues that you have then you need care supporting by the medical system.Go get I'm.



Thankyou for your response Philip, yes I will be reporting him and taking it all the way, there has been a new twist to the plot where he has threatened to remove my main pain medication unless I do as he says, he has so far sent me to the substance abuse clinic to try and say I was abusing my meds but did not like the response they gave him, I am to attend pain management and sleep clinic and I will be demanding a copy of any correspondence they send him as evidence on my part, ready to report him.



Unfortunately the call centre will twist what you say to blame you this is how they can get away with it and do it.If they were fined just watch them comply as they are outwardly bullying the most vulnerable and what does the Police or Disability Commission or SAB do ? Nothing .It is a crime if you are disabled but watch them not record it .Check what is written make sure sign & draft till you're happy.

My new surgery new GP admitted only in it for the money when part time anyway .This one, who had never met before last week, called the MP a clown .The MP had deferred back to them re: Telehealth/Telecare assistance safety issues knowing ignoring with LA [CCG] directing.

Yet CQC had picked up safety issues in area but not monitored any improvement on them .

Many surgeries use admin to do testing not overseeing and then directing to use choose and book inappropriately .Booking with inappropriate hospitals at inappropriate specialists.

I have had to change many surgeries after many requests who had allowed my hospital appts to not be transferred when moved .Now blaming me for their own downright wasteful policies & management .

They then not treated acute oedema saying don't deal with cardio-pulmonary or NHS Constitution when requested a plan for Pulmonary hypertension[ found 14 yrs after first requested] ignored since the cardiac arrest as well as classic heart failure symptoms.

The former surgery then made up a different story that the GMC maladministrated when told me to change surgeriesbecause of this .The next did the same after 2 weeks.Too risky? Now this new one has also given me to believe assisting knowing got heart failure symptoms & died 3x last time 12 yrs ago ignored revived with angioplasty.When you keep having to go back because they are hoodwinking this is out of order as well as stressful .They then blame or pretend you have mental problems .Watch out?


Nice rant but not enough information to come to any firm conclusion as to what is the background to this situation.


gives details concerning oxi norm

You are on a loser here in the argument with the GP. The GP is probably following guidelines issued by the medical authorities.

However, the GP should have tapered off the oxi norm slowly rather than stopped them. This leads to your grounds for complaint. Incompetence on the part of the GP if you have been on oxi norm for a long time.

If the GP thinks you are addicted to the drug the GP is expected to follow certain protocols or risk being stuck off. Any GP you go to could form similar conclusions. So you need to do your research and demonstrate that you are being reasonable about your needs. You need to ask to be referred to a pain clinic. An irritating course of action if you know what works, but you have to have a consultant to support you when dealing with opoid type drugs.

Not what you wanted to hear unfortunately.

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I really feel for you, but you have no chance :/ The NHS is a disgustingly backwards organisation. They don't want to hold staff accountable for their often inhuman behaviour. I've reported issues with dates, witnesses, and signed documentation illustrating the kind of conduct, negligence and at times soullessly offensive behaviour you would find shocking in a night club!

But when you report the issues, the officials handling your complaint respond as though they can't read. They'll answer different questions that hold no relation to the issues you're raising, simply refusing to even acknowledge the issues clearly illustrated... And then from that point on they will treat you like a criminal, you report staff's shameful behaviour and you'll be hit with abuse the next time you need care. They're very aware of the fact patients rarely see what they're writing.

I've been told by more than 1 member of NHS staff that in our country, it isn't their job to make you better. They're job is only to get you to a state where you don't have to be in hospital anymore.

That's the problem with a health service that is payed before they've supplied any care... It benefits them to care for you as little as possible. A service where they're payed by insurers, the more they help/care for you, the more they get payed...

As you're a spinal patient, I'll give you a big heads up. Stay well clear of -

Mr Khan in the south west of England

Mr Chapple,


Mr Bandi, both of Salisbury

They're of the caliber of surgeons that are very open about the fact that they don't see patients as human beings, they only see you as mechanical objects, or a cheque for the next car they want to buy... And they'll treat you with the same respect you would expect from surgeons of this kind...

Good Luck, I hope you force the justice so very few receive from the NHS...


Good luck with your private sector health care Josh, I hope its everything you want and more. I assume you are moving on from the NHS , it being ALL so poor.


Sure Haze, because we can all afford private health care as well as paying for the NHS... But thanks for the sincere helpful message, You haven't come across as at all condescending -_-


Correct! AND SOOO VERY DISTURBING... "It isn't their job to make you better. They're job is only to get you to a state where you don't have to be in hospital anymore."

Its all about the money



I have just seen this and I have to say that persistence pays. I am a young lady with a number of chronic illnesses, some bought on by medication and some that I've had since birth but as they were not diagnosed at a young age hence I am really suffering now. I am also a full time carer for my grandmother who has Alzheimer as well as other health conditions. My grandmother has the worst GP in the world who won't issue her meds when they need to be refilled, doesn't believe what the consultants say even though it is written on the letter they have sent to the GP, doesn't believe a diagnosis that has been made for my grandmother. It is a constant battle with him, I followed the NHS complaint procedure and now she gets better treatment then before but still not as good as I get from my NHS GP. I am still waiting to hear back from the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman as I wasn't happy with the response I received from NHS England, which was to take it up with the practice manager who said her scripted piece, assured me changes will take place and nothing happened. So I took it up with Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman and am waiting to hear back from them. I am quite confident in this as the people I have spoken to are lovely and really keen to resolve this as quick as possible. I know I could have just changed GP but I didn't want to take the easy way out. My grandmother is entitled to basic NHS care as she has worked her whole life in various jobs, paid her taxes and only when she was in her early 70's (she is now 82) did she start having medical issues. So if you keep at it, you will get somewhere and get an answer or hopefully some change.


You have the right to change Docs and it sounds like you need to as neither of you are happy with one another. Clearly this sort of forum doesn't allow dialogue where the medic concerned has the ability to answer your complaint , defend themselves or comment on your behaviour which may or may not have been acceptable. I suggest you move on .


Sadly they rarely are removed and that's why things don't improve - how's this for bullying - I was told by a nice doctor I needed a bladder and bowel prolapse repaired.

I agreed.

Then at the next appointment another doctor told me I needed a hysterectomy and a bladder repair. I said I didn't want a hysterectomy and what about the bowel repair. He said they didn't do that because it makes it too tight for intercourse - I was dumbfounded; how would I want sex if I had a problem with my bowel protruding through my vagina, but then I realised he was viewing it from a man's perspective, wasn't he!

I then said well I still don't want a hysterectomy.

He asked me why I didn't want a hysterectomy, which I would have thought was obvious, but not to a man, I suppose.

I said my periods were normal and I wanted to go through the menopause naturally. He slammed his file closed and said I can't see what you are worried about as in a few years time, it will all shut down and then it will all drop down anyway.

He looked at me as if to say your time is up.

I left feeling very anxious and totally intimidated as well as 'bullied'.

I complained about him, but what a complete waste of time that was!


GMC supports and protects the Dr’s so don’t even waste your time.

They pretend ..to go through the process of an ‘investigation’ when you report a Dr /GP/Medical Director.

You send all hard evidence & still they find no problem .


It's an organization setup to make sure the public does not go to the police or other authorities. It's main goal is to protect bad Doctors. Firstly by teaching them how to deceive and lie, failing that provide all the support necessary to keep them in work and continue to harm other patients.


I am in a similar position, my doctors continue to lie to my face. I recently stopped taking the opioid pain meds they were so desperate for me to keep taking, this sounds bizarre but the number of prescriptions that were issued for me without my asking, reached a comical number! I quit all the patches and pills without any help from my then GP, her collusion with the pain clinic to cover up the damage caused by the pain clinic, was obvious, on more than one occasion she said I should start taking meds again! I am now seeing a different GP who said he had talked to a radiologist and that I would be getting tests to confirm damage, surprise surprise I received a referral for a psychological examination(it’s my body that is broken)! They are devious liars and can not be trusted!


You have to start recording every conversation now. These are very deceptive people. They can not refuse recording of any conversation. If asked why. Just say it's for your own records.

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Thanks was wondering if I could record these lies/conversations.


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