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We can Save Our NHS and expand to cover the whole world.

Our NHS is in crisis but we should open up and export our excellent health servi...

I have a personal interest in the NHS

Hello, I'm new to this forum and would like to contribute what I can to a discus...

if you are lucky ?! An Antibiotic used as preventative for utis when 3-4 bugs not targeted as well ?

For the moment it will keep your bladder ,kidneys but not the CFS /fibro & trigg...

Did the action happen, what now?

Having just joined this forum, I note that it must shave been started at least f...

NHS Recruitment

Hi, i am currently studying Advertising and PR at college and as part of my grad...
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'NHS resources should be moved towards prevention and early diagnosis in order to deliver high quality, sustainable care.'

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NHS England is calling on patients, the public and staff to join in a discussion about the future of the NHS, ... Read more