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A Lil worried, but no pain (thankfully)

Hi ladies.

So after a not so bad day me & my son decided to go in out into our back garden to do a bit of weeding, cleaning & hang up washed clothes on the line.

After about a Lil over an hour i decided to come back inside & take a quick shower as the day was a little warmer than expected & left me feeling a bit sweaty.

as im cleansing myself "as you do in the lady object area" i felt something very odd "very very odd indeed" so i didnt want to worry myself too much as i said this was actually one if my good days because i didnt feel sickly and drained like previous days.

out of curiosity i decided to have a look at exactly whats going on "using a mirror refelction"

To my surprise i noticed something which looks like a vaginal cyst located directly in the middle of vaginal opening (baby hole exit)

Has anyone else experienced something like this. Im considered to still be within the early stages of pregnancy so i wouldnt be acknowledged if i was to visit my local maternity ward.

Im just confused more than anything because im pretty sure the cyst wasnt their yesterday (unless it decided to develop overnight when sleeping)

Any comments or advise PLEASE!


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Do you mean a cyst on the side of the vaginal wall near the outer lips?

Cyst are common in pregnancy , normally nothing to worry about, but I would highly recommend an emergency appointment with your doc on Monday, you must have it looked at.

As long as you have no pain or bleeding at the moment I wouldn't class this as an emergency, but get to the docs :)


I cant 100% predict exactly where the cyst is but if i guess its more towards the outer vaginal wall.

I just hate to worry myself but yes i definetely will notify my G.P about this on Monday morning. I was also reading online that most vaginal cysts do tend to disapear by themselfs so i think i'll try & keep the faith.

Thanks for your reply!



It maybe a varicose vein, I had one with my daughters pregnancy and freaked out it did look like a cyst and they are completely normal :) xxxxx


O.k, I hope this is a possible sign the baby is a girl then. I'll definetely still be going to the G.P tommrow morning though.

Thanks for the reassurance.



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