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First post *I made it!* &1st trimester diabetes

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Hi all

I'm a new member here and tbh I didn't even think I could,or would, ever be able to actually join!

It's a real head turner to find out that we are pregnant afyer 9 long years and now this whole word has opened up and I actually have to start thinking forward

We're only 4/5 weeks so very early days after rounds of IVF and haven't had my 7 week scan yet but look forward to any pearls of advice I can pick up on here.

It seems a lovely community already and I'm just basking on cloud 9 ATM so will try to enjoy this pregnancy all I can (!)

Can I ask if anyone has had early gestational diabetes in the first trimester and how they were managed ?

My blood sugar's are high I believe due to the steroids I'm taking but I'm so nervous to reduce themmas I feel they are what's helping the baby to snuggle in

GP didn't know what to do and IVF clinic said reduce steroids if you're worried

Any advice would be appreciated


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🙋‍♀️hello! Really lovely to see you here. I am sorry i have no experience of the diabetes but wanted to say hello and welcome. There are lots of familiar faces here too xxx

Congratulations again. X

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Saya85 in reply to Camillage

Hi camillage!

Thank you! And yes I see where everyone's been hiding now 🤣🤣🤣

How wonderful that we get to continue that support onwards xx

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Camillage in reply to Saya85

Oh definitely. Thankfully more and more of us are able to graduate to here and ask all the pregnancy related questions. Particularly the gazillions of fears and anxiety that present themselves. But here we can all continue to support each other without upsetting others who haven't quite made it yet or have had recent bfns etc. Big hugs to you. Yay 🍹🎉

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Saya85 in reply to Camillage

Absolutely - glad we have this safe space too

I just posted below that I feel like I shouldn't quite be here yet lol-like I' limbo as so early

But peeking into this window is so exciting (!) I dare not think too far ahead just enjoying the bliss for now and trying to tell my head that this is normal


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Camillage in reply to Saya85

I feel the same. I am only beginning to start to let myself believe and I have my 12 week scan on Monday.

I had my first scan at 5wks7days. Saw a blob in a blob with a teeny tiny flicker) then another 2 weeks later which was still a blob but we could make out which end was which (hehe). Have your clinic booked you in for a scan? Xx

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Saya85 in reply to Camillage

Ooh how exciting !@12 weeks scan

I've been booked in for a scan in 2 weeks but she was adamant that if we scan before 6weeks and 2 days we won't see anything (!)

I've just realised she may have calculated too early as we tested before our OTD so I was worrying we wouldn't see anything now and was wondering whether to delay the scan

But it's booked on my hubby's birthday and would be lovely to see it then lol

Is it calculated from age of embryo ours will be 4 weeks and 3 days and then you add 2 weeks on for gestational age (as they normally count it from your last period) which makes its 6 weeks and 3 days

I hope so !

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Camillage in reply to Saya85

It's best to ask the clinic. I thought mine was 1st but it was 29th x

Hey, thank you for the message on one of my posts so lovely to see you over here!

Congratulations on your BFP, I have no experience of early gestational diabetes but I did take steroids during my cycle and stopped 2 days post ET and all is okay if that gives you any re assurance for when you stop them xx

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Saya85 in reply to E_05

Hi and thanks

I feel like an imposter being on this forum as I don't feel I should be here - doesn't seem real @pregnancy

But I'm enjoying just riding up and taking a sneak peak in the window into this world (!) So exciting

Oh wow I only started my steroids on ET lol

They said to continue for first trimester but I'm thinking I'll take their advice to drop the dose a little and see if it helps.with the sugar's.

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E_05 in reply to Saya85

I know exactly what you mean, I still feel strange writing on here some times like I’m not writing about myself but it’s so lovely to see familiar faces.

Oh I see, I guess every clinic advises differently as I started then on CD1. What dose are you on? X

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Saya85 in reply to E_05

Yes I'm glad for the familiar faces ! It's reassuring X

I'm.on 20mg prednisolone because of autoimmune issues /thyroid

The doctor did say at the very least 10mg is seen to still have an effect

I think the longer the baby is in there the steroids should matter less at this point.

We had such a strong line on 8dp5dt that j think it's really snuggled in(!)

Or it may even be twins 😬

Hello and Congratulations! I would recommend looking up the gestational diabetes uk mum's Facebook page and website, great community, lots of really useful advice around how to approach diet etc.

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Saya85 in reply to Higgy67

Thank you- I tried looking on here but didn't find much

Unfortunately becHsd of the meds the levels aren't going down at al in between meals but at least I can do as much as I can sign diet to avoid higher spikes

Will have a look

Thanks 🙂

Hey hun I'm afraid I can't give you any advice on the gestational diabetes but just wanted to say massive congratulations. There's some great people on here, we're not professionals but someone usually has good advice to offer from experience or just for support. Take care hun and enjoy the ride lol. X

Thank you jo.

It’s hard to accept I’m pregnant sometimes - as things can so easily go wrong especially after ivf but I’m trying to stay as upbeat as possible and relax.

Until the scan I won’t be enough hundred percent convinced .... until then I’ll stay in the shadows of this forum 😅

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