Names for a girl

Hello all,

I'm due in a week and we still haven't decided on a name for our little girl. I feel she is going to be very active and confident little girl - so want a pretty name that would match.

Top runners:

- Amelia

- Isabel

- Annabelle

- Phoebe (I like, husband doesn't)

Any other suggestions???


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26 Replies

  • Our top names for a girl were... Lily (this is what we chose), Grace (our baby's middle name) also liked Ellie, Willow, and I liked Olivia but my step sons called Oliver so we thought Olivia was too close! Step daughters called Lucy! I like all names u have thought of already x

  • I also like Olivia but my son is Oliver and that would be wrong!

  • All your chosen names are pretty I think. We chose Amelia faith, but didn't actually settle on it or announce until she was 3 days old- so don't worry that you haven't chosen yet xx

  • I love Annabelle! I wanted that for my daughter but partner didn't like it! 🙄

    We went for Jessica!

  • Hi

    Isla, Ava, Lola, Daisy, Rosie?


  • I would like to have 6 names that we both like and decide what she looks like when she comes. We agreed on Eloise at some point but I've gone off that now

  • I'm 20 weeks and we are having a girl and can't settle on a name. I think all the ones suggested are pretty but we haven't had that YES moment

  • Phoebe is my niece's name. She's absolutely beautiful and it comes with all sorts of cute shorten nick names. Her sister is Lila. Another stunner!! I'm pregnant but keeping my choices secret... I don't like overused names, growing up as Katy 1, Katie 2, or Katy W, Katy S, Katie-I.E!! 😂 Good luck.

  • Aww I love Amelia, we were going to pick Emilia, but my friend called her baby something similar so we changed. How about Ava? xx

  • My first one is called Julia and second will probably be called Olivia or maybe Sophia or maybe Emilia... (I seem to like names ending in A!) Still 14weeks to decide!

    I'd probably stick to a name both you and your husband like ... Name wars are a bad idea!

  • Gabriella? We like it but have a short surname beginning with g that is a no go for nicknames with it.

  • Could be a option I've given my daughter both mine and hubby surnames so she's a c.g. So that would be ok surname wise!

  • I really like that but gabriella Gibb no no no. Gabby gibb falls into gobby gibb way too easily! I blame my husband's surname, goes fine with my maiden name

  • I like it but hate gabby - Gobby

  • Sorry just saw your reply

  • My sister is called Amelia but we call her Emily for short, I love all the names you chose maybe Isabel?

  • Phoebe.. it will grow on him!

  • Here's hoping! Everyone else loves it. And i think Oliver and Phoebe sound nice together.

  • I like all your names, but would change Isabel to Isabelle, as in the French spelling, I think it's prettier.

  • Staying away from the top ten baby names is a must as being an Emma from the 70s we had about six in our school! However I like the current popular names such as lily, Sophia, Amelia, Isabella etc. Something will have to be chosen in the end....

  • My son is Oliver and it was the most popular boys name the year he was born (but it so suits him) and to date he's has had no other olivers in his classes, but funnily he has had 3 Olivia's in his different classes.

  • Maybe the top ten is not to be believed :-)

  • Have a look on the consensus lists from the 30's or whatever year you like. There's some great ideas. I'm in the same boat. Our 'littlePip' is due in 10w and she's nameless but has about 30 names we like... might just stick with 'littlePip' lol

  • That's a really good idea, most of the other names lists are all the same

  • I meant census... heads up my a*** today 😁

  • We went for Kaitlyn Faye for my daughter. Our second choice for her was Emily Grace. We are having a boy this time which we are really struggling for a name but had chosen Isla should he had been a girl! xx

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