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7 weeks dark brown discharge

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Wondering if anyone else had this. Found out I was pregnant this weekend. Could be up to 7 weeks but have irregular periods so GP thinks 5 weeks. I have had discharge since yesterday. Early scan booked for thurs. Fingers crossed it will be ok.

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Don't panic. I had this at 6 weeks. I was so worried but I had an early scan and everything was fine. I had no pain, just Brown discharge. It went away after a few days. Good luck.

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Thanks Hun! I have read so much online. 50% good and 50% bad at the end of bleeding. Got my scan booked for tomorrow. Days feel so long at the moment. Hope fully I will be far enough along for them to be able to say it's all ok or not without going back for another scan and waiting again. Xx

this is so normal its implantation bleeding, as long as your not iin any pain :), i had a bleed at 9 weeks it literally looked like id had a miscarriage, baby was fine it was a burst blood packet in my cervix now 40 weeks awaiting little ones arrival, dont worry about it and congratulations :)

In my opinion there is no way to say, only the scan can tell if the baby it's ok. All other statements are just assumptions. It could be anything, nothing to worry about or the beginning of a miscarriage, only the scan can tell it for sure. I had the same and it was a miscarriage, after three days of listening to people reassuring me I finally had a scan and I found out that the heart beating had gone. This does not mean that your case will be the same, in plenty of other cases a brown discharge does not mean anything bad, but I think it is right to give you the whole picture. Fingers crossed. The best thing here is that you have your scan already booked for tomorrow and you will have a definitive answer soon. Again, fingers crossed.

Same here: I had brownish / pinkish discharge on off for 2 weeks. Then it stopped and 12 week scan said that baby is just fine. It crossed my mind - what if it is an early miscarriage? But I told myself: even if I'll have scan -it can't save the situation. So I just let the time to show me what will happen.

Stay positive!x

Thanks. Myself and my husband have discussed both good and sad outcomes of what the bleeding may be. But we have decided to hold on to a little bit of hope for now but know it's only a slim chance. I'm so sorry that ur bleeding was a miscarriage miladuemila. Xx

I hope it goes well tomorrow. I had implantation bleeding like this in two of my pregnancies. I am currently pregnant with my 4th but I've also had 7 miscarriages. Each time has been completely different with different levels of bleeding or non at all so only a scan will tell you one hundred percent. Hopefully this time its just implantation bleeding for you and will stop. With my third I had quite a lot of light bleeding in each term.

It most likely is nothing

If it is there is nothing you can do to stop it

Brown blood usually means old blood

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