5 weeks pregant with a cyst

Hi , I had a internal scan on Monday just been. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I also have a large cyst on my left ovary. It is causing pain. The consultant said it's best not to operate as it can cause me to have a miss carriage. I just need reassurance from anyone who's had it through a pregnacey. I am quite frightened about how will I give birth? Will it burst if I push? Will they need to do a c section ? The doctors haven't said much. And I have hurd nothing from my midwife at all. She doesn't wanna know until I'm 8 week even with everything going on?


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Cysts are very common. When you say large what do you mean? As in how large? Cysts may shrink or grow but as your consultant says having an operation carries risk of miscarriage. In general cysts or more of a nuisance rather than a big worry, they're painful but not really a risk to you or baby, hence they wouldn't consider this a high risk pregnancy. You can use paracetamol regularly but avoid other pain killers. Also write your questions down so when you see the midwife you can ask her.


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