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Back pain at 29 weeks

Hi all

This is my 2nd baby and I am much bigger this time around ( I've had so many comments about how I look 40 weeks but that's another story.) I was a 10/12 before getting pregnant and I'm carrying all out front. I've had bad back pain when standing or walking got periods of time. I also get pain under my bump but I think that this is where it is suspended in thin air. My post is to find out if anyone has use a support belt and if so are they any good? Also does anyone have any ways to stop the pain slightly. I'm not sure I'm going to make 40 weeks at this rate.



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My pain started under my bump and ended up with severe pgp.i have been off work since end of Jan. I got a support belt from mothercare and it's worth every penny. Hope your ok and it doesn't progress


Hi Laura

Have you spoken to your midwife about the pain? It is a bit different but I had really bad hip pain with my first pregnancy and my midwife referred me to a clinic. I did wear a bump support, it did help a bit. I would say definitely get one and give it a go!

Jane x


Hi jane

I haven't spoken to my midwife yet I don't see her until 1st April but I will mention it to her. Thanks for the advice I am going to invest in a support belt


I suggest you ask for a referral to fizio. I started having pain in the pelvic area and right shoulder around week 26. I went to my GP, they referred me to fizio and then I pressed hard to be seen earlier than the 5 weeks appointment they gave me. But i was seen around week 29. Now i am week 32 - had already 3 appointments at fizio.

If you GP is not quick - mine was - go to the maternity unit and ask to be seen earlier than 1 April. no need to keep it too long before you are seen.

The tubi grip didn't work for me, now I try the belt (for free!) - the issues is that you can't use it when sitting - so you have to put it on and take it off...


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