What are the age gaps between your children?

I'm asking because I want another child but my hubby isn't keen on the idea. He thinks I wouldn't be able to cope because we are already parents to 3 beautiful children their ages are 5, 3 n 9 months old. Also if your children have a small age gap do you find it a challenge to look after them and do you wish you had a bigger gaps?

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  • Hey! Id have another one now if I could! My son is 13 months! We initially said 15 - 18 months gap but realistically, we need to move house so will be more like 2 years! My friend's brother is 10 months younger than her! That's a bit extreme for me!! Lol the way I see it, if you are financially stable enough to have another and have the support you need, why not? I know people with big age gaps that have found they struggled! Down to things like older children struggling with jealousy and playing up, mum is a bit older so found recovery harder etc. I think as perents we just cope as best we can... because we dont have any other option!!! :)

  • my sisters little boy is 2yrs older than her new baby and he isn't potty trained and is not quite capable of understanding no and its fairly difficult but my friends lad is 3when her daughter was born and its much easier he gets her things he knows why not to do things understand be gentle... I think its better to make life easier for yourself first and wait till your child is at a more mature age to understand things x

  • But both my kids were potty trained by 2 years old n wen my daughter was born by a c section my son was 2 years n 4 months old n he is helped me by passing the nappy or wipes n etc

  • Thats good. Maybe get the ball rolling of moving and I agree if you can afford to have another and have good support then why not! Fingers crossed you can persuade your husband to have another sooner rather than later. Id love more babies and my hubby wants 5yr gap between my boy and next baby but i wouldn't want to start again after getting one in school then going back to nappies and night feeds id like to try when my boy is 1yr to 18m old

    Good luck x

  • Thanks hun n fingers crossed x

  • My oldest is 10yrs, then 21 weeks & just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant xx

  • Wow that's quite a big age gap. There was me thinking that I had a big age gap lol

  • If u don't mind me asking how come ur children have big age gap? Also do u find it easier?

  • I have pcos & was told couldn't have children naturally, Mother Nature said otherwise. Biggest age gap due to new partner & we always said if it happens it happens. Completely different 2nd time around as my older daughter can do so much to help xx

  • I had mine very fast there's 18 months between my first 2 then 10months and I had my daughter 18 months after that and I'm 38 weeks pregnant with my 5 leaving a 9 year age gap x

  • How was your experience? Did u find it easier having them so young?

  • My eldest is 15 then 13 I'm now 14 weeks with my 3rd, I'm so excited but scared too. Good luck xx

  • I'll let you know if all goes well my love, I'm expecting my second on the day that my first child turns two lol. Hunni you have three kids if you can survive having three and dealing with that level of chaos then I don't see a problem xx best of luck

  • I have a girl of 6 a son who turns 2 next month and one on the way in january there will be 2 years 4 months between the two youngest and 6 years 11 months between oldest and youngest not sure how i will cope with a newborn and 2 uear old but my oldest is quite good xx

  • My first is 4 in December and we have found out we are pregnant around 8-12 weeks needs to be confirmed with dating scan I always wanted a good few years so older one can help out! Xx

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