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Glucose and blood in urine

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Just had a routine urine test which came up with glucose and blood present. I've been told they will give me a blood test if it happens again in the next test which is going to be in 3 weeks. Has anyone else had this before and what happened? I have been more thirsty than usual recently I just blamed it on the pregnancy.

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I had a small amount of glucose in my urine a couple of times. It was only +1 both times I think but it was because of what I'd eaten for breakfast an hour before. The first time I'd had a large glass of fresh orange juice & the second time I'd had pancakes and fresh fruit...all quite sugary! There wasn't anything to worry about, I just watched what I ate before the next test.

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I had +5 and had only porridge and banana for breakfast x

I'm on quetiapine too which means there's more of a risk of gestational diabetes so they do a glucose intolerance test as a matter of course about 28 weeks. Just found out that this morning.

I had glucose in my urine most of the way through pregnancy last time and so far this time too. Most of the random glucose tests and the glucose tolerance tests were fine so told not to worry but not go heavy on the sugar - wasn't easy though as was craving it last time. Hope I won't this time although probably will.

I have been excessively thirsty the last 2/3 months and tired also. not in the sense that I am sleepy or lethargic as I have been sleeping well but have little energy to get on with things. I can also get very clammy and lightheaded.

Hopefully if there is a problem they can help and you will feel better too. The GT test is fine, test, drink bottle of lucozade then test and hour later I think if memory serves, nothing too terrible.

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